This episode "Teen Wolf" opens with more odd behavior in the hallways of Beacon Hills High School. We meet another character who is a part of this supernatural world that we previously were not aware of, who oddly resembles Ed Sheeran. We see he is hunted by a couple of students who seem to be harming every student in the school to identify who is what they consider human or who is supernatural. As they hunt this coyote-man down, it appears one of the boys has another - gross - plan in mind and 'injects' the student with what appears to be spiders.

Interestingly enough, his body seems to reject these odd spiders which become evident as the audience sees them leaving his body through his eyes, ears, mouth, and various other exit ways. Once the guidance counselor, Mrs. Monroe, finds the student, she heartlessly instructs Nolan and Gabe to essentially murder this student in the boy's locker room.

What is Scott's dad up to?

Throughout the beginning of the episode, we also see Scott's dad, Mr. McCall, poking around Beacon Hills looking for information, though it is unclear exactly what he is after. You first see him in the counselor's office with Mrs. Monroe and Nolan asking Nolan questions regarding the disappearance of the teen wolves in the previous episode, Jiang and Tierney.

He doesn't get very far as Mrs. Monroe continues to be her shady self and cuts him off from any relevant information he can gather from Nolan. Of course, this is because she knows the two are dead and doesn't want this information falling into the wrong hands. She continues to become more and more of a terrible person as this season progresses.

We then see Mr. McCall questioning Gerard on his insane firearms stockpile. Gerard answers his questions in typical Gerard fashion, as he leaves certain information to be desired. It is mentioned that he has enough firearms to arm 3,000 people. This makes me (and I'm sure the audience) wonder just how many people Gerard has recruited for his army?

His surveillance system seems pretty top-notch as well. He has obviously thought about all options to keep people out that he doesn't want to get in...or, so he thinks.

We eventually find that Mr. McCall was gathering information he was planning on providing to Scott, but isn't able to locate Scott when the time comes. It seems he is deeply concerned about keeping his son safe, which is interesting as he has been absent for the majority of this show.

Is it finally time to fight back?

Mason gets in on the action and tricks Nolan into following him toe the Hill Valley Zoo. Once Mason arrives at the zoo, he meets up with Liam and Theo to provide them camping provisions, so Nolan believes they are camping out at the zoo.

Mason hope to be able to stay and help with their current plan but is quickly shot down by Theo who reminds him that these hunters shoot to kill, and Mason isn't exactly bulletproof - poor Mason :(. Once Mason leaves, Liam and Theo move on to part two of the current plan: make Nolan, and the hunters believe that the entire pack is at the zoo. You get to see a great fight sequence with Theo and Liam, with lots of punches to the face and broken noses. The hunters arrive at the zoo, which Liam has chosen for its winding and confusing layout. While being decoys for the warehouse break-in Scott and the gang are devising, Liam becomes infatuated with the idea of hunting and fighting Nolan. Apparently, this boy is great at holding grudges and lets his anger take over, even when it's the worst time for it.

We next see Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Chris Argent in a car outside of Gerard's warehouse planning their break-in. They seem to be arguing and unsure as to whether they should follow through with the plan or abort the mission.While arguing, you see Lydia have a vision of a crack in the windshield. Once she snaps out of it, Scott in typical fashion decides we're going to break-in anyway, and the gang infiltrates the warehouse. Mr. Argent enters the warehouse first to blackout a camera or two and then helps Scott and Malia enter into the part of the warehouse where the firearms are being kept. All the while, Lydia is having visions where she can hear gunshots and shell casings falling. She believes they should exit the building, but given how far they have come, they decide to move forward.

Once Scott and Malia enter the room where the firearms are stored, they quickly realize there are no more firearms in the warehouse.

Let's get this fight started!

Liam locates Nolan and attacks him. After tackling Nolan off the top of the building they are standing on, Liam begins having a bizarre vision where he sees members of the lacrosse team who begin hitting him with lacrosse balls. When he comes to, he sees Nolan in front of him and instead of attacking him, he tries to break his hand on the wall by Nolan's head. Theo knocks Liam out and tells Nolan to run to try and keep him safe. Theo grabs Liam and they get out of the zoo and head off to an undisclosed location.

Scott and Malia receive instruction to get out of the warehouse, and of course ignore it, because it wouldn't be Teen Wolf without Scott ignoring information that would save his life.

They open a door they shouldn't and get super trapped inside of Gerard's warehouse. Gerard is aware of the triggered security system at the warehouse and is happy to know Scott has fallen into his trap. His true target turns out to be Liam, whom he is hunting at the zoo. Scott and Malia continue to explore the warehouse and find pieces of Jiang and Tierney in a locked room in the warehouse. They also find a map that seems to mark certain areas in the world, and they're not sure what those areas signify. As they are exploring these items, they find that there are motion sensors in the warehouse and then have to begin working to avoid them.

Lydia and Argent work together to try and provide information to Scott and Malia regarding the sensors, which if hit, will suck all of the oxygen out of the room.

They are able to do this by finding a pipe that runs into the room, knocking a hole out of it, and yelling instructions to the two. Once Scott and Malia find a safe place in the room to avoid the sensors, things get a little steamy between the two of them. Lydia and Argent work hard to try and find a way to get the doors to open while Malia climbs to the top of the room to rip a padlock off a window on the ceiling. Malia is able to rip the padlock free, but in the process of the lock falling to the ground, it hits a sensor. All of the sudden, all of the oxygen is sucked out of the room and Scott and Malia are still trapped inside. Now I'm sure these two are really regretting not listening to those warnings to get out of the warehouse.

Scott and Malia lay in the warehouse trying to take shallow breaths cause, you know, there's no oxygen in the room anymore. Lydia and Argent finally realize they have to do something as some hunters who were at the zoo came back to the warehouse. They successfully attack the hunters and Lydia has another vision of Scott's house and the sounds of breaking glass. Once she comes to, Argent all of the sudden realizes Lydia's banshee scream can take down the door, which would have been great information when they initially got trapped. She screams and is able to take down the door as Malia is telling Scott about all of the things she doesn't want to miss out on in life and how she is determined not to die in this warehouse.

Hooray! Everyone is saved.

The fight is over! What's next?

Gerard is pissed, and Mrs. Monroe has no problem pointing out all of the problems at the warehouse. Gerard essentially tells Mrs. Monroe to back up, or he'll take care of her, and at this point, I think everyone wants someone to get rid of this awful woman.

Cut to Scott and Malia in his house and those two exploring that sexual tension that has been building up these past few episodes. Once they're done making out, you see Mrs. McCall, Mr. Argent, Mason (finally getting to do something), and Lydia checking out the map from the warehouse. They decide that the areas on the map are beacons for supernatural beings and Gerard is planning on wiping out the world of supernatural creatures.

In the middle of this discussion, Mr. McCall barges in (as ex-husbands typically do) and starts frantically sharing that no one can leave because those 3,000 firearms were distributed to all of the residents of Beacon Hills. Lydia has another vision, screams for everyone to get down, and the gunshots erupt. Everyone hits the floor, but apparently not fast enough. We see a pool of blood, and a hand reach into the sky, and then we get the ending credits.


The beginning of the episode with the use of spiders invading someone's bloodstream felt very much so like the 90's flick, the Faculty. It seems, much like The Faculty, that these spiders are taking people over, but what exactly is their power and why are they necessary?

It seems people can be taken over by this fear and made to do specific things without the spiders. I know we've seen this once before, but it begs the question of what exactly these spiders are accomplishing. I look forward to gathering more information on this as the season progresses.

It also seems that this guidance counselor, Mrs. Monroe, is becoming more and more ruthless. I feel like when this started, she wasn't nearly as terrible of a person as she has become. While she seems to become more ruthless and terrible, Nolan seems to be going in the opposite direction. When he appeared this season, he didn't seem to care about much of anything besides taking out these supernatural beings. Now, he second guesses himself a lot and seems very bothered by the idea of having to take these people out. What is going on between these two?

In this episode, we also got to see Scott and Malia finally act on those urges that have been obvious to the audience for the past few episodes. This pairing seems odd to me, to be completely honest. It seems that the writers feel they have to pair off just about everyone, and these two seem to be the only two left, so they just put them together. This also feels inappropriate towards Stiles. Scott appears to have forgotten "bro code" and is going after his best friend's ex-girlfriend. Maybe this pair will grow on me, but for now, I'm not feeling it.

The end of the episode certainly left a lot of us wondering who got shot. I'm sure there will be tons of speculation on this as the week continues until we get a new episode, but for now, I'm going to assume it was Scott's mom, Melissa McCall. We have to assume that no one is safe this season as it's the last one, and it seems like she may be the first major character to go!

As this season continues, I am patiently waiting for all of the cast members we were promised a comeback from. It appears Jackson (Colton Haynes) and Ethan (Charlie Carver) will be back in the next episode titled "Werewolves of London" which I am certainly looking forward to. I have seriously been missing Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) all season, but it appears reports of Dylan missing from the set are true and we won't be getting too much of him this season. I also look forward to the return of Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) later this season and hope these two show up sooner rather than later.

Overall, I felt this episode was a bit better than the last few, but this season certainly seems to be stringing things along like we have that kind of time. There are only 10 episodes total during the last half of Season 6 and that's it for the entire show. We're six episodes in, and it feels like we haven't gotten anywhere. I certainly hope things start to pickup in these last four episodes!