Arie Luyendek Jr., a Race Car Driver from Arizona, will be the star for ABC’s next season of “The Bachelor.” He last appeared in the franchise in 2012, The New York Times reported.

The series had a hard time finding the next Bachelor whom it usually chooses from runners-up in the past season of “The Bachelorette.” There were recent negotiations with Peter Kraus, a Wisconsin personal trainer and runner-up, but the deal reportedly failed. Another likely option was runner-up Dean Unglert, but he blew his chances because of an appearance in the franchise spinoff “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Great kisser

Luyendek, according to his former girlfriend Sonia Rockwell, is a great kisser.

Rockwell, an actress on “Being Mary Jane,” recalled that when she was dating the 35-year-old Dutch race car driver, their life was like a one big, five-year vacation relationship. He was the runner-up on “The Bachelorette” in 2012.

Full-blown panic mode

People magazine reported that ABC was in full-blown panic mode over their failure to find a suitable man to lead the next season. Peter Kraus allegedly was never the first choice of the franchise and it is still angry at him because of the situation with Rachel Lindsay. She revealed in early June that she prefers Dr. Bryan Abasalo over Peter Kraus.

Peter Kraus, however, is the choice of fans of the show which last season had more than 8.4 million viewers.

The magazine added Kraus is playing hard to get with production. People’s source said that the producers feel any demands coming from Peter are too much.

The biggest dog as lead in “Bachelor” history

According to Reality Steve, the most dedicated gossip reporter on “The Bachelor,” Luyendyk is “the biggest dog they’ve ever cast as the lead in Bachelor History.” According to The Atlantic, men had been the dominant sex since the beginning of mankind, but for the first time in global history, it is changing with shocking speed.

With women becoming the majority of the workforce for the first time in US history, it heralded “The End of Men.”

The dating show reflects this reality as indicated by ABC’s difficulty in finding good men while the franchise overflows with female talent. Race seems to be a factor in choosing a bachelor because of Eric Bigger, a Baltimore man and runner-up, was reportedly never approached because he is black.

A fan meme pointed out, “After Peter flatly refused our offer to suffer for another cycle, we scraped the bottom of the barrel as hard as we could to ensure we’d never have a black Bachelor.”

Rockwell said that the bachelorette who would end up with Luyendyk will be a very lucky girl because the race car driver knows how to make out really well, Page Six reported.