On Monday, the Committee to Investigate Russia published a 2-minute video starring Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman, to spread awareness among the people regarding Russian interference in 2016 Election, New York Times reported. Freeman has antagonized some Russian officials with his low-pitch voice in an online video.

What did Morgan Freeman say in a video?

Director Rob Reiner shot a video for his nonprofit agency, The Committee to Investigate Russia, in order to inform Americans about the, alleged, Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Reiner chose Morgan Freeman to be the star, and the voice, of the video

In the controversial video, the Oscar-winning actor Freeman said that "We have been attacked. We are at war." Freeman was seen calling the Russian president Vladimir Putin "a KGB spy".

Freeman described a movie script about the KGB spy (Mr. Putin) and his decision to avenge the collapse of his homeland and become the president, establishing an authoritarian regime. He announced that the United States is a "sworn enemy" for the Russian leader. He said that Putin attacked other nations around the world by secretly using cyber warfare, and spread false information and propaganda on social media.

In the end of the video, the actor urged President Donald Trump to sit behind the desk of the Oval Office and tell the whole truth about the "Russian interference" in the last year's presidential election to the Americans.

He wants the President to say that the US came under attack by the Russian government.

People on social media disagreed with Freeman's words

According to BBC, on social media, people showed their disagreement with Morgan. Many Russians used the hashtag #StopMorganLie to express their anger. The Russian leader's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, noted that Moscow did not take the video seriously, as all the accusations were groundless.

He also added that "Many creative people easily fall victim to emotional strain, and don't have real information about the actual state of affairs."

On Facebook, Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, wrote that Morgan Freeman was framed in the same way as Colin Powell had been. The main idea is that a short-term goal justifies any means. But who stood behind this story people will learn very soon.

Petersburg – Channel 5 said that Morgan Freeman lost his millions of fans from Russia after this video.