Meghan King Edmonds is known as someone who speaks out when she sees something she doesn't like. This is what led to the entire Brooks Ayers cancer scandal to be revealed, and this has damaged some of her friendships on the show. King Edmonds was personally upset about it because she knew someone personally who was fighting cancer. This person ended up passing away, but Meghan wanted to expose Brooks. Of course, Meghan's determination resulted in his cancer scheme being exposed on "The Real Housewives of Orange County," and people may be worried about what they say in Meghan's company now.

According to a new tweet, Meghan King Edmonds may not be thinking about what she has said in the past when it comes to her fans. Sadly, it sounds like King Edmonds' fans remember everything she has said and done, including when she mocked her new co-star, Peggy Sulahian, with having money and being rich. So when Meghan recently gushed about flying private with her husband and daughter, fans quickly reminded her of what she had previously said.

Not sitting well with fans

Meghan King Edmonds shared an Instagram post of herself with her daughter and her husband, revealing that Jimmy had pulled out all the stops for them to have a nice flight now that Aspen was starting to act out on planes.

"I know you mean we'll and I'm rooting for you, but posts like these when so many are struggling financially make it so hard," one person wrote to Meghan, while another reminded her of something she had previously said, writing, "Love [you] Meghan King Edmonds, but this is reminiscent of you mocking Peggy with the "Im so rich.

Look at me I'm so rich!"

While King Edmonds may have thought it was cool to fly private, fans reminded her that this was everything she despised about her co-stars.

Making her own money

If Meghan was making her own money and flying private on her own dime, one can imagine that fans wouldn't really care about it. The reason why people are upset is that they know that Jimmy may be the one paying for everything.

He was a successful athlete and Meghan has been accused of taking advantage of him and his money. While they are married, one can imagine that she wants to make her own money. On "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Meghan has revealed that she was in a six-figure job prior to marrying Jimmy. One can imagine she wants to make that kind of money again on her own.

What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds gushing about flying privately?