Um, is Kid Rock seriously campaigning for US senator? What's he running on, the weed party ticket? If he is, he'd better get it together and do his homework. Because so far his party platform only seems to be telling everyone to f--k off. Folks are confused where he stands too. He supports Black Lives Matter which a rabid Republican usually doesn't. The Detroit rapper f-bombed the KKK and Nazis too.

The Kid who would be senator

Who cares, you say, no one will vote for the "King of White Trash?" You will care if he wins his bid for U.S. Senator and a lot of people are predicting he will.

Just visualize his wife beater among the suits in Congress. But fun mental images aside, there's one flaw. In his campaign to play lawmaker, Bob Ritchie is blatantly breaking the law bypassing the FEC. But don't call him on it. Kid Rock says f--k the election board. That's just part of the "I am Bullgod" singer's weird political strategy.

Congressman Kid Rock f-bombs away

At his Grand Rapids, Michigan concert, the Detroit celebrity called out the KKK, the neo-Nazi party and perhaps Black Lives Matter. He said no one had to preach BLM to him, ostensibly because racial tensions have historically been high in his home town (well not home, that's Romeo, which is smaller and whiter and just as poor, demographically).

Ritchie implied that folks need to respect African-American angst and told racist bigots to get the F out (he probs didn't mean President Donald Trump who has been called the biggest bigot of all).

Kid Rock illegally challenges Debbie Stabenow

What's illegal about entering politics. Nothing if you do it right which Kid Rock isn't.

He's campaigning for senator from Michigan without having filed with the Federal Election Commission. The right-wing gun rights advocate also hasn't declared which political party he's running with (probably not Democrat, just saying). Ritchie attacked his "campaign" critics for being so uptight and politically correct. But there are correct ways to do politics which Constitution-beaters like Kid Rock are quick to point out.

Kid Rock casts the first stone

Has Kid Rock been channeling his inner Duggar? Like the reality TV family, he binds others to burdens he won't carry. Ironically the musician is challenging Debbie Stabenow for doing politics incorrectly. Yet he arrogantly ignores election protocol and blames the FEC for doing its job. Similar to the "19 Kids and Counting" clan, Ritchie hypocritically insists on compliance with rules while flouting others. Might it be better to remove the board before casting stones? If you want to be elected to represent your country and make laws for its people, you must observe the current laws as written.

Kid Rock's rocky campaign crumbles?

The group Common Cause filed a complaint against the singer for not registering with the election board.

There is also a citation for an undeclared political party preference. The "Cowboy" artist's response: cry "fake news" write rap lyrics and tell 'em to f--k themselves. He promised that if "Kid Rock for Senator" left them dismayed wait till folks get a load of "Kid Rock for President of the USA!" probably with Ted Nugent as running mate. That's what happens when you mix celebrities and politics.