kelly dodd used to be friends with Meghan King Edmonds, and one can imagine that she would have been Meghan's biggest supporter and friend if King Edmonds knew how not to anger everyone around her. When Meghan got pregnant and gave birth, it sounds like she wanted everyone to reach out to her and gush about how lucky she was. But King Edmonds seems to forget that all of the other wives have children and she's the youngest cast member on "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Meghan has previously broken down over her desire to have kids, so when it finally happened, she was thrilled.

Perhaps she doesn't understand why her co-stars aren't thrilled for her.

According to a new report, Kelly Dodd is now revealing that Meghan is playing a victim and blaming her outbursts on her hormones. When Dodd understands that pregnancy can change a person, she argues that Meghan has it easy compared to her co-stars when they had children. As Kelly points out in her blog, Meghan was surrounded by family when she gave birth, and she has a nanny to help her out. When Kelly had her daughter, she was all by herself.

Blames hormones

"Apparently...she cannot handle the “emotional burden of a newborn.” Keep in mind that Aspen was born in St. Louis, where Meghan had Jimmy and her family for support.

While in the OC, she has her cousin for a nanny. I personally have never heard any of my girlfriends claim their baby was an emotional burden. What the hell?" Kelly Dodd explains in her Bravo blog, revealing that she isn't taking Meghan's complaints seriously.

Also, Kelly hints that it makes sense that Jimmy had cheated on her because Meghan keeps complaining about everything.

She writes that it is no wonder that he hooked up with another woman as Meghan complained about everything. For Kelly, it seems like an excuse to blame hormones, and she hints that perhaps more is going on behind the scenes.

Is she spoiled?

Perhaps Meghan King Edmonds is spoiled when it comes to her pregnancy support. Meghan did give birth when she was in St.

Louis. Here, she was surrounded by her family and friends, who were there to help her with the newborn. Also, she hired a nanny as soon as she got back to Orange County. Perhaps Meghan was just exhausted from breastfeeding and from not getting any sleep, but she isn't getting any sympathy from Dodd.

What do you think about Kelly Dodd's comments about Meghan's behavior on the show? Do you think Jimmy did have an affair?