Kailyn Lowry is currently celebrating her baby's one-month birthday today, as little Baby Lo has already been with the mother of two for a month. When Kailyn gave birth to the baby, she revealed that she wasn't sure about Chris Lopez's role in the life of the child, but it sounds like he wants to be around. Of course, Lowry's decision to get pregnant was in part because her doctor told her that she needed to have another baby soon because she may not be able to have more children in the future. But when she revealed to the world that she was pregnant, people were less than supportive.

While many believed that Javi Marroquin may be the father, fans were not pleased that she was the mother of three children, fathered by three different men.

The "Teen Mom 2" star didn't really seem to care all that much about people's opinions of her. Instead, she's now revealing that she's thrilled to have three boys she's raising on her own. Of course, the children do have their fathers in their lives and if little baby Lo doesn't get to see his father, Chris Lopez, one can imagine that his brothers and their fathers will be healthy role models for him. But not everyone agrees with Lowry's decision. However, according to a new Instagram post, Kailyn Lowry is now getting support from one person, who believes Kailyn is doing the right thing for herself.

Not in need of financial assistance

"Idk why anyone cares if she has 3 kids by 3 different dads, or the race of her children, or if she gets pregnant again. & I'm sure she does pay her own bills with the money she makes as a business woman. The show isn't the only thing that makes her money, but okay. How bout y'all rude asses worry about your own self" one person wrote in defense of Kailyn, revealing that it really shouldn't matter what decisions Lowry makes for herself or her family.

Of course, Lowry should have thought twice about getting pregnant if she was struggling to pay rent or if she was on food stamps. However, because of MTV and her career as a reality television personality, she has managed to do quite well for herself. She doesn't have to worry about what people say or think about her. She and her three children will be just fine.

Will she date later on?

Right now, Kailyn Lowry's focus is on her newborn son and her two other children. While Kailyn has revealed that she may be open to dating guys in the future, it sounds like she enjoys the single life and being a strong role model for her children.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry getting support these days from her fans?