The movie adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “It” surely did not scare moviegoers away from cinemas as it earned an astounding $123 million at the box-office on its opening weekend. The Andy Muschietti film also earned rave reviews from many critics who described “It” is scary but with “an emotionally affecting story at its core.”

Those who already watched the movie and saw the phrase chapter one at the end title knew that a sequel is coming and indeed details about what to expect in the follow-up film were already revealed in the book and by the director, Andy Muschietti himself.

As to Pennywise? The evil clown is apparently not dead — just ask those who were brave enough to sit until the credits ended.

The kids are all grown ups

“It” Chapter 2's expected timeline is 27 years after the original story occurred in 1988 and 1989. The members of the Losers Club, who are now grown-ups, will return to Derry and reunite to battle Pennywise once more if it comes back.

Andy Muschietti told Entertainment Weekly that the young cast members in the present movie are also expected to return because they are still integral to the story notwithstanding the fact that their respective characters are already adults in the second chapter.

The Losers Club members will turn up as memories of their grown up selves, and there will be a dialogue between timelines, Muschietti explained.

The director added, “If we’re telling the story of adults, we are going to have flashbacks that take us back to the ‘80s and inform the story in the present day.”

On casting the adults

No details yet as to who will play the adult versions of the Losers Club members in the sequel as the project is still in development. However, Muschietti along with the other producers of the film were already considering the matter ever since the first movie started filming.

No green light yet

In spite of the talks about a sequel, New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. actually have not given the official green light for the “It” Chapter 2 as of this time, Barbara Muschietti, the director’s sister and producing partner told EW.

However, writing and development for the next part are already proceeding. It is expected that the go ahead will be given soon since it is important for the director to get flashbacks with the kids given that they are growing fast and they are integral to the film, Barbara Muschietti pointed out.

The growing young cast will also factor on the release schedule of “It” Chapter 2, which most likely in 2019, according to The Hollywood Reporter.