It’s a special thing when your former employer comments you after you retire. For the late Len Wein, the praise came in the form of DC Comics thanking him for his priceless contribution.

Wein was a journeyman in the world of comic books. His incredible list of employers took him to three primary destinations. It was either DC or Marvel, with a sporadic stint in Disney. DC, in return, has issued a statement on the passing of one of their great artists.

Len Wein had been active with DC Comics and Marvel and is most known for co-creating "The Wolverine" and breathing life into "Swamp Thing." The writer's wife, Christine Valada, revealed that he had been battling with heart problems, as well as other health problems.

The beginning of the Wein saga

Before becoming the Len Wein associated with comic books, he was Len Wein, the struggling artist. He and good friend Marv Wolfman often visited the offices of DC and Marvel in New York. It was DC Comics who discovered his talent for writing after someone at the company suggested a change of career when they took a look at Wein’s creative works, his wife recalled.

When he created "Swamp Thing," Len Wein had created something unheard of at the time. Writer J.M. DeMatteis remembered clearly how he was impressed upon by the story. Paul Levitz, the creator of “75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking,” attested to how Len Wein’s work at the time paved the way for the modern comic book.

From working on comic books, Wein’s passion also brought him to Disney, and to the creation of Wolverine and Swamp Thing. Strangely enough, his wife said he was more passionate when writing about the Hulk and Batman-- two characters he had no part in creating.

Jim Lee and Dan Didio on Len Wein

Jim Lee and Dan Didio, Len’s co-publishers in DC, had nothing but kind words.

Lee dropped names on Len’s great work in DC Comics and cited the late writer for igniting his passion for comics. Aside from Wolverine, he also credited him for big names like Storm and Colossus. In the DC family, he was cited by the writer for "Swamp Thing," the New "Teen Titans," "Amanda Waller" and the Watchmen books.

Dan Didio mentioned that he was also an inspiration.

Len worked with Didio on "Reboot" and "War Planets." Didio also recalled how he connected with the late writer through his aunt and sister. DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns also took the time to hail Len Wein as an integral part of DC.