If there’s anyone who knows Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s Chris Hemsworth. Playing the "God of Thunder " since 2011 has given him a lot of ideas on the character, and it’s no wonder that when he says something, people listen.

Hemsworth opened up about “Avengers: Infinity War" in a recent interview. And while “Thor: Ragnarok” premieres in November, the actor says there is something different about the two films. The difference may be a minor aspect of the film, but it’s something that Marvel Films might want to pay attention to. Hemsworth remains positive about one thing though; and that’s how “Thor: Ragnarok” fits nicely into the MCU.

The actor teased about the greater position of the film; how it fits into the general scheme of things and how it fits going into “Infinity War.”

The large number, from across the mirror

In some cases, bigger is better. “Avengers: Infinity War” is viewed by some like that, but Hemsworth says he thinks differently.

Chris Hemsworth recently shed light on the diverse cast for “Infinity War.” It’s the biggest film of the MCU to date, and its goal is to tie all the films together in a crossroads. While Marvel has no doubt regarding the success of the film, Hemsworth says they might be forgetting one thing, and that one thing is the cast. Hemsworth revealed that the film has a lot of one-on-one scenes between Captain Steve Rogers and Iron Man Tony Stark.

The Hulk and Thor had their moment in “Thor: Ragnarok,” but Hemsworth thinks other characters could also use that dynamic in “Infinity War.”

It could work for the upcoming film in November, but it’s up to the Russos to make it work in “Infinity War."

Thor: Ragnarok and the larger scheme of things

After November, the focus should rightfully fall on “Avengers: Infinity War." The introductions have been done with the Infinity Stones, and now it’s finally time to gather them.

The “Thor: Ragnarok” actor also had time to talk with the Russos, and he obviously liked what he heard, based on what he said about it. When the Russos and Hemsworth spoke, they didn’t spill any secrets. However, the explanation was thorough enough to know that the film premiering in November fits in with the greater MCU so far.

It’s great to have director Taika Waititi for that too, says the “Thor” actor. With a director unafraid to change things, Waititi is sure to make a great contribution and do a fine job tying the film into “Infinity War.”

Everyone will have a taste of that introduction when “Thor: Ragnarok” premieres on November 3.