Deadline reported that Brenton Thwaites has been selected for the role of Dick Grayson and Robin in the upcoming live-Action Series, “Titans.” He is an Australian actor who has previously been part of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.”

Warner Bros TV is producing the new live-action series, starring Batman’s best sidekick Robin. The production team includes the most successful personalities who have a long list of hit TV series on their credentials. Among them are Geoff Johns, Akiva Goldsman, Greg Berlanti, and Sarah Schechter.

Johns, who is the writer for another hit superhero series “The Flash,” told Deadline that Dick Grayson is among the most iconic superheroes in the DC universe.

He admitted that it was not easy to find the actor to play the sidekick of the Caped Crusader, but they have succeeded.

He added that Thwaites has the “emotional depth, danger, physical presence and the heart” of the former protege of Batman, and the leader of Teen Titans. He said that they are fortunate enough to be able to see his talents for the new “Titans” project, embodying the character of the young superhero.

Australian actor

Thwaites is an award-winning actor who hails from Australia. With this background, Robin’s character in the upcoming series will likely speak with the accent from this Pacific nation.

He has won the Breakthrough Performer of the Year at the 2017 CinemaCon Awards and won the Rising Star Award at the 2014 Hawaii International Film Festival.

At the recently concluded Teen Choice Awards, he was nominated for Choice Movie Actor for “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Among his roles on TV series include “Home and Away,” “Slide,” “Sea Patrol,” and “Blue Lagoon: The Awakening.” He has appeared in various movies such as, “The Giver, “Maleficent,” “Gods of Egypt,” “Ride,” and “Son of a Gun.”

Disney fans can remember him as Prince Philip in the live-action spin-off movie, “Maleficent.” This new TV series about Robin and his team will be his first television project in the United States, Deadline noted.

Robin and ‘Titans’

Robin, who goes by the alter-ego named Dick Grayson, has a very interesting story on its own. After Grayson’s parents were killed during their deadly circus performance, Bruce Wayne took over as his guardian and taught him some skills.

They both had a similar childhood, as Wayne’s parents were also murdered after a night of performances.

He then emerged as the leader of his new team called the Titans. In the “Teen Titans” series, this young superhero fights with his ally named Starfire. African-American actress Anna Diop is reprising the role of Starfire, Deadline reported.