Several players from the 28 teams of the National Football League (NFL) refused to stand during the national anthem as a sign of protest to racial and social injustice. Some of them joined Colin Kaepernick's "Take A Knee" movement, others linked arms, while there were players who refused to take the field for the pre-game ceremonies to show their defiance after Donald Trump slammed the league and its players.

Trump criticizes NFL and players for 'disrespecting' U.S. flag

In a series of tweets he posted over the weekend, the president deemed the act disrespectful and suggested that those who declined to honor the U.S.

flag should be fired from the league. The POTUS eve singled out Roger Goodell for his statement on his players' protest in the filed.

“The way we reacted today, and this weekend, made me proud,” the commissioner said, according to Sports Illustrated. “I’m proud of our league.”

After he criticized the NFL commissioner, Donald Trump suggested that fans should stop attending their games until the players stop their movement.

The U.S.

president even reposted a photo that called to boycott NFL before he claimed that the league needs to change its policy.

Singers protest with NFL players to denounce racial discrimination

But despite his Twitter tirade, some Nfl Players refused to back down and continued to take a knee in protest of the current administration.

"What you just saw was a variety of responses with the theme of unity," an affiliate of the league told CNN. "All across the league, owners, coaches and players came together to decide what was best for them."

The source guaranteed that Donald Trump could never divide NFL despite his criticisms. Meanwhile, several artists have also joined the "Take A Knee" movement to send an important message to the public.

Among those who showed their support to NFL players were Pharrell Williams, Stevie Wonder, and Solange Knowles.

During his performance at the benefit concert for Charlottesville, the "Happy" artist took a knee for his fellow Americans. His gesture came a day after he shared the stage with Stevie Wonder, who also joined the movement during his show at the Global Citizen Festival.

Solange Knowles stunned her fans when she suddenly got down on one knee after she performed the final song for her Hollywood Bowl show on Sunday.

It was last year when Colin Kaepernick started the "Take A Knee" campaign to protest how African-Americans are being treated in the United States. The stance made by several NFL players came after Donald Trump withdrew their invitation to Golden State Warriors after Stephen Curry shared his honest opinion on the proposal.