Recently Anna Duggar gave birth to her fifth child. As she prepared to show off her new baby, Rumors have persisted that Joy-Anna Duggar was pregnant before she got married. This is just one of the many scandals that have been tied to the Duggar Family. Additional rumors have swirled around the family saying that the family is ready to give up on Josh. His image has taken a huge beating as a result of the show, and there is some question as to whether his image can be rehabilitated as the family comes back for a spin-off of the original show.

Anna Duggar scoop on new baby

Hollywood Gossip reported that Anna Duggar opened up about her newest baby. Her husband, Josh, is currently disgraced because of the revelation that he molested five girls that included some of his sisters. Although no formal charges have been filed as a result of the accusations, a dark cloud still hangs over the family because of the issue. Although Josh is keeping a low profile these days over the issue, Anna issued a statement to "US Weekly" about their new baby. She said that she had an unexpectedly long labor but the birth went smoothly and she gave birth to a little boy named Mason Garrett. Representatives for the family had previously announced the birth on September 12.

After TLC canceled the Duggars' show "19 Kids and Counting," the Duggars returned to the network a few months later on a new show called "Counting On." Now there are rumors that Josh may join the new show. When the family returned to the network, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar promised the network that Josh wouldn't be featured on the new show, and so far they have kept that promise.

After the birth of Josh and Anna's fifth child, it seemed a golden opportunity to rehabilitate Josh's image and present him as more than just a sexual predator. The attempt backfired. Josh has been blasted on social media for having more children, and the family seems to be backing away from him at this time.

Joy-Anna Duggar pregnant before marriage?

Christian Today reported that Joy-Anna Duggar may have been pregnant before her wedding. Viewers of the show, "Counting On," were convinced that she was at least six months pregnant on the show. The speculation began after she made an appearance at Joe's wedding. At that time, she and Austin had been married for about three months. So far Joy-Anna has been silent on the issue and hasn't announced anything on Instagram. Some fans are hopeful that she is carrying twins and that this is the reason she looks so big.