“The Originals” Season 5 is in the making, but fans won’t be able to see the official bits of it before 2018 on CW. Given how abruptly season 4 ended, there are too many rumors and speculations surrounding the show's plot everywhere. Rumors are creating newer headlines and serving up another possible story-line for season 5. One that particularly holds most attention is a prediction suggesting that Candice King of “The Vampire Diaries” fame will be seen reprising her role as Caroline Forbes in “The Originals” season 5.

What happened in the last season?

As reported by Express, the fourth season ended on a bittersweet note. The Mikaelson family was seen being disrupted. The upcoming season is expected to carry the current narration forward, by shedding light on the future of each character. Fans will feel a sudden shift in the style of narration as show-runner, Michael Narducci has replaced Julie Plec of “The Vampire Diaries” fame. The Express report further goes on to suggest that Narducci wishes to focus more on Hope, as exploring her journey in the show has now become more interesting than ever before. This can be accredited to her moving to Salvatore Boarding School for the Gifted and Talented to pursue her further training.

Hope also meets a handsome vampire named Roman, whom she will be seen kindling a romantic relationship with. The official release date of the show hasn’t been made public as of yet; however, a report by TV Guide speculates that it might be between January and May next year. Meanwhile, a report by MovieFone even suggests that Hayley Marshall (Phoebe Tonkin) who plays the role of Hope Mikaelson’s mother and wife to Klaus Mikaelson, might be killed off in the upcoming season.

The future of the show

Things with fans of “The Originals” went a little haywire when Julie Plec in January this year stated that “The Originals” won’t be returning for a fifth season. She said that she felt it was both, a gift as well as a burden to be able to control the conclusion of a show as massive as “The Originals.” However, later she was reported by TV Line as stating that there might be a future down the line for the show that could be “spawned out.” While the Mikelson family won’t be returning on the small-screen anymore, it’s possible that Hope’s potential future might be showcased in the form of yet another spin-off. The fifth season is expected to be a full of twist and turns.