Stassi Schroeder revealed some shocking news on her Twitter account this week, as she revealed that her boyfriend, Patrick Meagher, no longer wished to be in a relationship with her. The couple had split up before and had been on and off for the past four years, but now Patrick was pulling the plug for real.

He had no interest in continuing the relationship. The split happened suddenly as if something happened behind closed doors. Stassi claimed she was surprised by this revelation, as she had been busy planning an anniversary trip to Mexico for the two of them.

She revealed this news on Twitter and added that Patrick had dumped her on their fourth anniversary.

Announces split on Twitter

"Broken up with on our anniversary after I planned a trip for us to Mexico. Call me Carrie Bradshaw. @rachaelnobrien you're coming w me now," Stassi revealed on Twitter.

Rather than being upset about being dumped, Stassi decided to make herself Carrie Bradshaw and invite one of her friends to Mexico with her. She's referencing the first "Sex and the City" movie where Carrie is left at the altar and goes to Mexico on her honeymoon with her friends instead.

Not heartbroken?

Perhaps Stassi is not as heartbroken about the situation as one would think. If she could tweet about her break up so openly on Twitter, then maybe she's not as heartbroken as she wants friends to believe.

It sounds like she learned about Patrick's wishes, let the thought sink in, and then turned to Twitter to share the news. While it may be hard for her to swallow that her four-year relationship it over, she isn't crying too many tears over him on social media.

Maybe she saw the breakup coming as they may have had a fight or something similar.

One can imagine that Patrick didn't exactly plan for the break up to happen on their anniversary. Otherwise, he may not have been as great as Stassi made him out to be "Vanderpump Rules." Of course, Patrick never wanted to film the show and let Stassi film it on her own. He had no interest in being on the Bravo reality show or getting paid to share his life.

Many of her friends knew who he was and hung out with him behind the scenes, but Schroeder respected his wishes of not wanting to be on the show. This is why fans may not know what truly happened with Stassi and Patrick prior to their breakup. He hasn't said anything about the breakup, and one can imagine he doesn't want the public to know about his private relationship.

What do you think about stassi schroeder's tweet about being dumped on her fourth anniversary? Are you surprised that she doesn't seem too upset about it?