When shannon beador returned to "The Real Housewives of Orange County" this year, she had 40 extra pounds on her body. As she tried to explain herself, Shannon kept saying that her weight gain was due to stress and she even pointed to her body saying, "this is vicki gunvalson." This was all documented during the first couple of episodes this season, and Shannon's weight gain was quickly labeled as stress from the previous season of the show.

As Beador has previously revealed, her weight gain might also have been due to stress as allegations were made about her marriage.

Shannon had revealed that she was furious and upset that Vicki Gunvalson would say that her husband beat her based on reports that surfaced from a few years back. Shannon was devastated to learn that her daughters would be hearing about these abuse allegations and that she now had to defend herself.

She’s now changing her story

It was a combination of stress from the allegations and possibly stress from her marriage that resulted in the weight gain, something that Shannon has revealed to be 40 pounds. Even though Beador is working hard to shed the weight, she is now revealing that she never blamed Vicki for her weight gain. As "The Real Housewives of Orange County" aired on Bravo last night, Shannon tweeted that she never said any thing about Vicki being blamed for the weight gain and that she gained weight because of stress from the allegations that were made.

She tagged Andy in the tweet, which could indicate that she's trying to set the record straight about something that was said on “Watch What Happens Live" last night.

Fans aren’t buying it

It didn't take long for fans of the show to reach out to Shannon on Twitter, pointing to her claims that Vicki had absolutely nothing to do with the weight gain.

Shannon had clearly been very vocal about why she gained the weight and fans didn't leave her alone as she’s now saying that she gained weight because of something else.

Instead, they decided to remind her that everything had been caught on tape for the show.

Beador didn't reply to these tweets or to the reminders that she was saying things that didn't make sense, but it sounds like she wants people to drop the accusations and her blaming Vicki for the weight gain – even though she is the one that made the connection.

These days, Shannon is working hard, and she is feeling healthy and happy with her new body. Beador is currently set on losing the 40 pounds, and she's excited about the direction of her life these days. It is clear that Shannon Beador wants nothing to do with her former friend and current co-star Vicki and she might be excited to show off her new body when she has shed the weight.

What do you think about Shannon Beador now denying the connection between the weight and her former friend Vicki?