A few days after Robert Pattinson dined with Katy Perry in West Hollywood, California, the “Twilight” alum was photographed going out of his New York City hotel while a car waited for him outside the hotel. Apparently, he looked smart, suave and glowing, leaving fans to wonder if it has something to do with his recent cozy dinner with the pop star. His photo with Kat-P having dinner at a restaurant in Sunset Tower Hotel made headlines after a guest of the restaurant took a photo of them, looking intimate. The controversial dinner took place a week after he confirmed that he is still “kind of engaged” to English singer-songwriter FKA Twigs.

R-Patz dazzles more

The Daily Mail Online shared the photo of Robert Pattinson, 31, outside his hotel in New York City, where he looks gorgeous more than ever that made fans go crazy. Sporting a two-piece suit paired with a loose-fitting black and white striped shirt, R-Patz looks refined while also wearing a pair of dark-tinted sunglasses. Before that, he was also spotted out and about sporting an unbuttoned top paired with skinny jeans, a baseball cap and sunglasses while going out of his East Village hotel. Apparently, the infamous actor is looking more attractive, and fans can’t help but wonder whether he gets an inspiration from Katy Perry. He has been linked with the pop star for years, and many fans are convinced that they share a romantic relationship.

Katy Perry previously told Elle UK that Robert Pattinson is like a little brother to her. They were even photographed together with FKA Twigs two years ago during a gala. However, a lot of fans seemed unconvinced and suggest that they must be sharing a special relationship despite the actor’s engagement to FKA Twigs. Recently, a source told E!

News that everything between R-Patz and his fiancée is “basically over” and it won’t be too long until their split will be public. The source also said that the “Twilight” actor feels like he already is single.

R-Patz relationship with FKA Twigs

Robert Pattinson started dating FKA Twigs in 2014 and proposed to her in 2015. However, the couple has been surrounded by controversies.

There are still fans that are not yet over R-Patz relationship with Kristen Stewart, and the actor said that he has difficulties because of a “crack group of crazies.” He said that they are like “professional trolls” who keep hurting his relationship. However, he said that he always tries to patch things up although he doesn’t succeed all the time.

Do you think that Robert Pattinson is now inspired by Katy Perry instead of FKA Twigs?