Sunday's "Game of Thrones" episode, titled "Beyond the Wall," featured a creepy scene with Sansa and Arya. The younger sister has grown suspicious and scheming. Afraid that Arya might take the old letter she wrote under Cersei's order to the Northern lords, Sansa tries to retrieve the letter from Arya's room and instead finds a bag full of faces. Arya appears behind Sansa a few seconds later, and a harsh confrontation between the sisters takes place.

Who was in Arya's bag of faces?

The second face is identifiable as Lord Walder Frey, the old, cruel patriarch who was responsible for the Red Wedding.

Arya wore his face in the first episode of this season to exterminate the rest of the men in House Frey. The first face, on the other hand, is far harder to identify.

Who's the man with the beard?

Sansa Stark finds a bearded man's face in Arya's bag. Who was he? Several theories have surfaced. It may be Meryn Trant's face, the knight of the Kingsguard who (very probably) killed Syrio Forel, and also the man Arya killed in Braavos back in season 5. Since Arya stabbed him in the eyes, it's unlikely that the uninjured face belongs to Trant.

The face may belong to Lothar or Black Walder (two of Walder's sons), whom Arya assassinated and then baked into a gruesome pie to feed Walder Frey before cutting his throat.

Since the faces are flattened, we cannot exclude the face belongs to Lothar or Black Walder, but if you check the second picture in our photo gallery, the face in the bag doesn't look very similar to Lothar or Black Walder's. Not even the facial hair.

Another Frey?

After Arya's announce in episode 1, “Winter has come for House Frey,” she immediately walked out of the castle, so the possibility of her taking a face from some other Frey is unlikely.

‭Is that you, Polliver?

As a Redditor recently noted, the first face may belong to Polliver the man-at-arms that Arya killed in a tavern in "Game of Thrones" season 4. The resemblance is striking (check the third picture in the photo gallery) but how could Arya get his face if she killed him before she knew about how to remove and use faces?

Arya killed more people than we imagine

The other option here is that the face belongs to an unknown character who Arya killed after she left the House of Black and White. In our opinion, this is the best theory at the moment. It could easily be someone she killed off-screen: being a faceless assassin is a full-time job, after all!