Meghan King Edmonds is known for being a detective when it comes to people’s health and medical records. When Meghan was first filming “The Real Housewives of orange county,” she found Brooks Ayers’ stories about his cancer to be unbelievable. Nothing he said made sense to her, and she had a feeling that everything he was saying about the cancer was false. She was going through the cancer journey with Jimmy Edmonds’ ex-wife, who she was close to. Nothing she was allowed to do, he did. It was because of Meghan that Brooks’ cancer lies were eventually exposed.

At the time, some people felt that Meghan was crossing the line. She had called him out for everything that he was doing, including traveling when he wasn’t supposed to. King Edmonds also called his doctor, who had hinted that he wasn’t sick with cancer. Meghan was celebrated for learning about his lies, but now people are saying that she Crossed The Line. According to a new tweet, Meghan King Edmonds is now defending her actions, as her curiosity in health concerns surfaced once again last night on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

She’s not trying to cause trouble

Perhaps Meghan is just a curious person by nature, who has no problem asking people about their medical situations if they bring it up.

On this current season of the show, new housewife Peggy has talked about her decided to go undergo a mastectomy, where she had her breasts removed as a preventative method for breast cancer.

When Vicki kept inquiring about Peggy’s surgery, the answer wasn’t completely clear.

She kept hinting that she may have had breast cancer, but Vicki wanted a clear yes or no. It seems like it was a genuine misunderstanding, but the lack of clear answers about people’s personal health has been an issue in the past with these ladies.

Brooks Ayers wants nothing to do with ‘RHOC’

Since Vicki and the other ladies learned that Brooks had lied about having cancer, thanks to Meghan King Edmonds’ digging, he decided to leave Orange County behind.

He moved briefly to Florida but now resides in the midwest. It sounds like he just wants the ladies to leave him alone. No word on whether he keeps in touch with Vicki, but she’s clearly still interested in talking to him on occasion despite having moved on. She does bring him up at times on “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds’ tweet about people bringing up their medical history? Do you think she has a point that people only hide their medical histories because they want to keep it private or because they are lying?