kelly dodd surprised viewers on Monday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," when she decided to undergo a vaginal rejuvenation procedure. She is far from the first reality star to do this procedure but she may have been the first to invite someone into the room with her and talk about how it improved her marriage.

Clearly, Kelly doesn't see it as a big deal and she's now speaking out about how the results have changed her life. It sounds like the procedure was worth the money, as her husband seems very happy and excited about the results.

He may enjoy this special treat just for him as the marriage has experienced ups and downs in the past. According to a new Page Six report, Kelly Dodd is now revealing how the procedure has changed her life.

Did the procedure really work?

Dodd explains that when women get older they tend to experience changes in their lower body and sometimes they may leak when they cough or react suddenly. It sounds like this vaginal rejuvenation procedure has helped her overcome some of these obstacles, as she grows older. In addition, her husband Michael seems to be enjoying the results on a sexual level. It's no secret that these two have almost divorced and then gotten back together, so it sounds like the right move for Kelly to do something to make him happy.

Life-changing experience

While some people may be questioning whether it's wise to get such a procedure done, Kelly Dodd is revealing that it has completely changed her life and it sounds like it may just to save her marriage. It's no secret that Dodd and Michael don't see eye-to-eye all the time, and for a while, it sounded like the two of them were close to a divorce.

That's not to say that this vaginal rejuvenation procedure saved their marriage, but it may have brought some happiness into the relationship. As for Kelly's co-star Vicki Gunvalson, she seemed shocked that Kelly would get it done but she had no problem going with her to the procedure to oversee everything.

Some viewers were a bit shocked that she would go through with such a procedure, but Kelly seemed proud of it.

Even though she and Vicki laughed through it all, she admits that the procedure worked and her husband is thrilled with the results. One couldn't have asked for more.

What do you think about this controversial procedure being shared with viewers? Are you surprised that it helped her so much, including in her marriage to her husband?