Karen Huger may no longer be the Grand Dame of Potomac after she decided to move out of Potomac during the second season of "The Real Housewives of Potomac." During the season, Karen was accused of lying to her co-stars and keeping many things secret. Karen was planning on selling her house and while the group traveled to Bermuda for a cast trip, her husband stayed behind and packed up all of her belongings He moved them into a rental home in Great Falls, Virginia. Her co-stars were very skeptical of this move, as she had not informed them of anything in regards to her move.

They were shocked to learn that she had been keeping this huge move a secret from them. Many of the co-stars question whether she had something to hide.

Financial troubles quickly came up as a solution

During the reunion special for "The Real Housewives Of Potomac," Karen Huger was accused of having a much younger Boyfriend. Of course, Karen is not exactly a young one herself, so when the cast accused her of having a younger boyfriend, he could be in his 20s or even his 30s. Karen herself may be in her mid-40s because she has two teenage children already.

During the reunion special, Karen laughed at the accusations that she had a much younger boyfriend. She claimed that he was working for her and had been working for her for quite some time.

But many of her co-stars revealed that she had been spotted with him without her husband and that people were talking about the relationship.

Disappears from social media after boyfriend rumor surfaces

Since this accusation came to light, Huger has been noticeably absent from her Twitter account. The last post she shared was during the "The Real Housewives of Potomac" reunion and it was about how she was defending herself from the other ladies who made accusations about her secret lover.

It sounds like it may be something that has affected her personally and something that her family wants to discuss with her. It doesn’t make sense that she simply disappeared from social media as the show wrapped.

While that was no evidence that Karen Huger has a younger boyfriend and has cheated on her husband, it seems like her co-stars strongly believe that she was cheating and that she had indeed been having an affair without her husband’s knowledge.

This could follow the rumors that Karen and her husband were having financial troubles. One could argue that perhaps Karen's husband was no longer of interest to her if he was indeed broke. However, Karen stands by her man and they are supposedly looking at buying a house in Great Falls. Only time will tell how this situation will work out.