Ordinarily, celebrity gossip is boring. However, in the case of joss whedon, the purveyor of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Firefly,” two “Avengers” films and alarming tweets, revelations of bad behavior can be illuminating. Whedon has presented himself to the world as a feminist male and a dude who understands how woman have gotten abused over the years. He is a celebrant of strong, female characters in his TV shows and movies. However, writing for “The Wrap,” Whedon’s ex-wife, Kai Cole, has called him out as a hypocrite and shameless adulterer.

The real Joss Whedon according to the woman who married him

As Cole describes it, their marriage started idyllically, when he was still a struggling writer and her his creative partner, encouraging him during his low points, such as when his original vision of “Buffy” was twisted in the movie. She credits herself with motivating him to do the TV show, which Whedon was reluctant to do at first, but turned out to be a great decision. However, it seemed that success went to the now-famous writer and producer’s head.

In essence, many needy, attractive women, including both actresses and fan girls, made themselves available to Whedon and he availed himself of the opportunities with gusto, according to his ex-wife.

He concealed this from Cole for 15 years before finally confessing his double life. The “lovable geek-feminist” was really someone who thought he could have it all, a loving, supportive wife and any female who passed across his line of vision. The man who claimed to respect all women disrespected the woman who should have been most important to him, according to Cole’s account.

Whedon denies

A spokesperson for Whedon offered what seemed to be a pro forma denial. Indeed, Cole doesn’t name any names, though that might be a subject for the tell all autobiography. Divorced people often say ugly things about one another. However, the portrait Cole creates of Joss Whedon rings true only because it fits a pattern of creative and successful males in the entertainment industry.

Alfred Hitchcock obsessed over his blonde actresses while depending heavily on his wife Alma for creative input. Gene Roddenberry was an enthusiastic womanizer and cheated shamelessly on his wife Majel as long as he was physically capable. Power and opportunity can make libertines of the best of us.

Whedon has recently revealed an ugly side to his personality thanks to social media. He recently wished that House Speaker Paul Ryan be molested by a rhino horn. He slimed a group of teenage girl cancer survivors who were being greeted by Ryan. He opined that President Donald Trump, a man marinated in Manhattan’s social scene, wants to kill all gay people. All of this, along with Cole’s revelations, suggests a man who is deep down inside very unhappy.