jill zarin shared some devastating news recently as she revealed that her husband's cancer had returned. When Jill was filming the third season of "The Real Housewives of New York," she announced that her husband Bobby had been diagnosed with cancer in the throat and he needed to have surgery. While filming, he had surgery and Zarin was scared out of her mind. Her husband's throat was cut from ear to ear as doctors tried to remove cancer.

She didn't share his surgery with fans but revealed how the girls had individually reached out to her to wish him a great recovery.

At the time, this was the beginning of Jill and Bethenny's troubled friendship as Zarin didn't feel that Frankel had done enough to support her during this time.

The cancer returns

For a couple of years, it sounds like Bobby Zarin has been cancer free and continuing to work with his wife, Jill. But earlier this year, Jill said cancer had returned, and it has been very aggressive. He had undergone several surgeries and even tried various treatment options. She recently announced that things were going better, but he was still fighting a brave battle. Zarin explained that her husband is very tired from the treatments, but it sounds like things are slowly turning around for him.

Still hanging out at parties in the Hamptons

On social media, Jill Zarin showed several pictures of her husband, and he appears to have lost a lot of weight considering how he looked back in season 3 of "The Real Housewives of New York.”

"What a turnaround," Jill shared on Instagram. "Bobby and I came out to the Hamptons and took him to 4 parties in 2 days!

He is tired, but that's it so far for Side Effects. Not as hungry but more for me! Lol. Attended Chris Burch's summer white party with a house guest. Hope he had fun!"

Just this past week, Jill shared several photos of them together, revealing that they were spending time in the Hamptons. They have been invited to various summer parties, and it sounds like they were having a great time.

But Jill also added that her husband was very tired, and he was often resting during these parties so he could get better. One can imagine it is tough for him to deal with this cancer diagnosis once again as he thought he had beaten it the first time.

Bethenny Frankel sent Zarin a basket when she learned that cancer had returned. Frankel has revealed that she has no interest in becoming friends with Jill again, but she recognizes that is a nice gesture to acknowledge cancer and do everything she can to support her former friend. Even though she doesn't want to be friends with Zarin, it sounds like there's no bad blood between them at the present time.

What do you think about Jill Zarin’s updates on her husband, Bobby? Are you surprised at the weight he has lost during his cancer battle?