yolanda hadid may be the victim of a social identity theft case, as someone pretended to be her recently online. Someone had created the same profile as her and even had the verified sign on the account. This account decided to share the news that her daughter Gigi Hadid was pregnant and would give birth to a child later this year. The account tweeted out that Yolanda was thrilled about the news.

“I will be a proud grandma in eight months…. Life is a blessing,” the tweet read, which many fans thought was indeed from Yolanda herself. However, it didn’t take long for Hadid to set the record straight, revealing that she would never break such news without letting her daughter share it first.

Gigi Hadid is currently dating Zayn Malik, so it wouldn’t be completely impossible for Gigi to be pregnant.

Former ‘RHOBH’ star speaks out about supposed pregnancy

According to a new Hollywood Life report, Yolanda Hadid decided to speak out about the baby rumor, revealing that she is not going to be a grandmother - at least not right now. There’s no reason to believe that Gigi is indeed pregnant. When Yolanda heard the news, she decided to set the record straight herself, revealing she would never share such news about her children on social media. As she points out, it’s not her news to share.

“No of course not. If my daughter was pregnant she would be the one to announce it, not me,” Yolanda shared on social media recently, revealing that she would never take away such news from her daughter.

Plus announcing a pregnancy during the first month may not be that wise.

Young model ready to settle down?

Perhaps Yolanda Hadid knows something about her daughter’s wishes to settle down. Maybe she knows that Gigi isn’t ready to have a baby. She’s currently at the height of her career, as she’s a famous and international model.

She can have almost any job she wants and there is a high demand for her. Yolanda Hadid is very proud of her daughter, but she is still very young. Gig may want to work a bit more before settling down with someone.

Yolanda may know this about her daughter, as she may know that she wants to settle down with a boyfriend. Throughout her career, Gigi has dated guys but she has never talked about starting a family or having children. If she was to have a baby now, one can imagine she would have a perfect baby announcement planned.

What do you think of Yolanda Hadid denying the social media post about her becoming a grandmother?