Cory Grüter-Andrew is a fifteen-year-old actor who has appeared in numerous films and television projects. His latest movie is called “Summer of ‘84, ” and it chronicles the adventures of a group of teenage boys who start to suspect that their neighbor is a serial killer. Before this project, he starred in "Beyond the Sun,” a movie commissioned by Pope Francis to support charity and filmed in Argentina.

Via an exclusive interview, Cory recently discussed his experiences as an actor, the projects he has partaken in, and his hopes for the future.

Movies, television, and characters

Meagan Meehan (MM): What prompted you to become an actor and do you enjoy Movies, television, or other kinds of projects best?

Cory Grüter-Andrew (CGA): It was really my parents that suggested acting to me first and I had always thought that making movies, being in a different place physically and mentally from one day to the next and working with and meeting a whole lot of people on a whole lot of sets was an interesting thing to do. So, I tried it out, loved it, and kept it going.

MM: How did you get involved with “Summer of ‘84” and what most appealed to you about the script?

CGA: Originally, I had auditioned for the part of Davey, but after I sent in my tape I received an email from my agent saying they wanted me to read for the part of Farraday.

I guess they liked me because they kept me around

MM: Can you tell us a bit about the character that you play and is he similar to you in any ways?

CGA: Curtis Farraday is the “nerdy” type and a bit less confident than your average person, but he fits in quite snug with Woody, Eats and Davey, his three best friends. I feel like I can relate to Farraday in the sense that he’s a very real person, what I mean by that is Farraday is the type to look for and find the most probable outcome of the situation he finds himself in.

MM: You also took part in a movie called “Beyond the Sun” which Pope Francis was involved with, so did you actually get to meet the Pope?

CGA: Sadly, I did not get to have the honor of meeting Pope Francis, but fingers crossed for the future!

MM: What most interested you about that movie and the role that you played?

CGA: I was intrigued by the role of Tom because he and all of the kids go on this life-changing journey and it was so amazing to find out how Tom changed as a person throughout the adventure.

Projects, roles, and advice

MM: What other projects have you been involved in and what are your favorite kinds of characters to play?

CGA: I have been on a couple of the CW’s shows and I’ve done small parts in movies and other TV series, but I really enjoy playing roles that have a certain “vibe” to them, like I’d love to play a survivor, or maybe a mad man…that’s a really good question actually!

MM: What would be your dream role if you could work on any genre in any type of project?

CGA: I honestly don’t really have a “dream role” because the reason I love acting is that I get the privilege to explore all these different personalities, mindsets, and stories that come my way every day and I’m just lucky enough to have the opportunity to do what I do.

MM: Might you be able to offer any words of advice to aspiring actors and is there anything else that you wish to discuss or mention?

CGA: Honestly, as for advice, all I have to say is keep at it, and work hard, set high goals and try your hardest to accomplish those goals.