Actress Lulu Lambros was born and raised in California and has been singing and dancing practically since she was old enough to walk. By the time she was four, she was starring in community theater productions and continued throughout her childhood. To date, she has appeared in many famous plays including "Mary Poppins," "Peter Pan," "Annie," and "The Jungle Book" as well as several original productions. Lulu studied Shakespeare and was signed to an agency after being discovered by talent scouts when she was only nine years old.

Lulu's agents landed her roles on television via commercials and shows for Dreamworks TV, AwesomenessTV, Nickelodeon, and most recently on the Disney series titled "Stuck in the Middle" where she plays the role of Ellie Peters.

Lulu also plays the guitar and loves dogs and she recently discussed her career and hopes for the future via an exclusive interview.

Acting on stage and screen

Meagan Meehan (MM): When and how did you know you wanted to become a performer and do you most favor singing, dancing, or acting?

Lulu Lambros (LL): I have wanted to be on a stage since I was a toddler. My parents say I jumped onto any stage I could find, and when I was three I asked my parents how I could be on TV like the kids on my favorite shows. They told me I needed an agent - but not so fast! Instead, they put me in children’s theater.

I performed in theater productions year-round until I was ten. Around that time, I was scouted by my current agent at a talent showcase.

I do love to sing - I only wish I were a better singer. Believe it or not, though, I was the lead singer and guitarist in a band for a couple of years when I was younger. Now I leave singing to the real singers.

Dance is also a love of mine; I get to a dance class as often as I can and have a lot of friends who are dancers. But because acting has always been the main focus, along with school, dancing is something I do for fun.

It takes a long time to be a great dancer; I give props to all the dancers out there!

MM: What dancing and singing styles do you most enjoy?

LL: I love so many dance styles. When I do get to class I take ballet, lyrical and hip hop. If I had time I would dance every day! Like most kids my age, I listen to pop and hip-hop music.

I have my headphones or ear buds on 24/7!

MM: You’ve done a lot of work in theater, so what were some of your favorite roles?

LL: I performed in Shakespeare productions every summer for five years. I looked forward to those theater events all year! I made so many great friends and learned so much in my time there. Shakespeare is not as difficult to understand as some might think. I especially loved the more comedic plays. My favorite role was Puck in a “Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Puck is an iconic comedic role, which is just as funny today as it was back then.

MM: Do you prefer performing in theater or on TV and what are the biggest differences between the two mediums?

LL: I love both and they are very different.

Theater is performed in front of a live audience and is more performance based as you are performing for the audience. Screen mediums like television and film are more reality based and the audience should feel like they are observing real life, not a performance. If I could do both I would, but for now, I am focusing on TV and film.

MM: What commercials and TV shows have you been in?

LL: I have been in national commercials for Hasbro, Comcast, Yoplait and a few others. Commercials are quick shoots but are a lot of fun. I love them. Early on I did a lot of sketch comedy work for DreamworksTV and AwesomenessTV. I enjoy sketch because you have more freedom to use your improv skills, which I love.

I guest starred on the Nickelodeon sketch show AwesomenessTV and Nick Jr.’s “Mutt & Stuff,” a show for preschoolers about a special school for dogs featuring giant puppet dogs and real dogs. I didn't want to leave that set, for obvious reasons!

MM: You’re now starring in a Disney show, so can you tell us about your character and what most interests you about her?

LL: Yes, I’m recurring as Ellie Peters on Disney’s "Stuck in the Middle." Ellie is bff, fan, and neighbor of Harley Diaz (Jenna Ortega), the middle child of seven kids in the loud and crazy, fun Diaz family. Ellie is the only child of her hilariously over-protective mom. It’s hysterical to see Ellie escape to the Diaz house every chance she gets, to join in on the chaotic Diaz fun.

I think Ellie has been embraced by the fans because she is just so genuine and lovable. She’s sweet, super eager, sees the good in everyone, but she's also quirky and ridiculously funny…what’s not to love?

Characters, roles, and future plans

MM: What character or role has been your overall favorite and what kind of character and genre would you most enjoy playing?

LL: Ellie is my favorite role because I’ve had more time to get to know her and love her. I would love to play any character in any genre that challenges me. Whether it’s a character completely unlike me, situations unlike any I have experienced or having to learn a skill or accent for a role, I will take it on. I recently had to learn to play the ukulele in one night for an audition.

Thank goodness for my guitar training! I also do a pretty good Australian accent. That would be fun!

MM: You’re also a guitarist, so what kinds of songs do you play and how do you envision your musical career evolving?

LL: I do play the guitar. It would be so cool to play a role that incorporated guitar and acting. I have auditioned for roles like that and it would be a fun one to book in the future - fingers crossed!

MM: What are some of the best parts of having a career in the entertainment industry and what forthcoming projects are on the horizon for you?

LL: I Love that I know what I want to do. People talk about having a Plan B, but I’m not ready to have a Plan B. I’m having the time of my life in my chosen field.

My focus for the future now is clear- it’s on acting and school, and that gives me peace and makes me very happy. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

MM: Is there anything more that you want to mention or talk about?

LL: Yes, I’d like to sincerely thank my fans as their support means everything, we do it all for you. I love to hear from you so keep reaching out through social media and say ‘hi’ when you see me out and about!

* * * * *

To learn more about Lulu Lambros, Google her name and visit her IMDB, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, Musically, and Instagram.