Marvel's "Inhumans" won't premiere on television until September via ABC. The upcoming series, however, has been receiving criticisms in early reviews of the scenes that were screened to fans and the pilot episode that TV industry insiders watched.

Some fans have been treated to bits and pieces of "Inhumans" during the Comic-Con event in San Diego in June, while the TV press watched the first episode of the series at the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour last Sunday. There were a lot of expectations for the "X-Men" inspired show but most viewers ended up expressing their disappointment on social media.

Criticisms poured on social media

Jeph Loeb, the head of Marvel's television division, defended "Inhumans" from the criticisms. Speaking at the TCA panel, the Marvel executive said that what viewers have seen of "Inhumans" was not yet the completed version, so the show did not deserve the negative reviews.

ABC Executive Channing Dungey, who heads the network's Entertainment division, also defended "Inhumans" and echoed Loeb's sentiments.

"I think that the episode that you guys have seen is still a bit of a work in progress," Dungey told the press on the same panel as Loeb. "We are still a month away from final air, but I do feel like there’s great opportunity there as well."

What were viewers complaining about?

According to Daily Mail, some of the complaints from viewers included the awkward wig worn by Serinda Swan as Medusa.

Viewers also did not understand what power Ken Leung's character, Karnak, possessed.

Critics also questioned Marvel and ABC’s decision to screen the first two episodes exclusively in IMAX theaters on Sept. 1, ahead of the show’s Sept. 29 network debut.

“There will be footage on ABC that you won’t see in IMAX, and there will be things in IMAX that are shot on IMAX cameras that are simply extraordinary, that should be seen on that screen,” Loeb excitedly told the TCA panel.

Won’t the premiere be expensive?

A spokesperson for IMAX told Adweek that the cost of showing “Inhumans” in IMAX theaters will likely be similar to the cost of 2-D films running exclusively in the specialized movie house. Price range for such screenings depends on the exhibitors but it can be from $10 to $16 per ticket.

But fans of the "Inhumans" comic book series the show is based from also complained that the scenes they saw didn't look like it deserved an IMAX outing. Check out a teaser to the series below to see if the complaints have any merit.