Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have announced their shocking divorce in September 2016. However, their split has not made any progress, and the couple may have called it off. Here are the details that fans should know.

Brangelina divorce

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has been an influential and inspiring Hollywood couple. A lot of people even look up to them because of their successful and happy marriage. They were even considered as a model couple since they have been active in social works, adopting children, and raising a total of six kids. However, everything crumbles when the couple decided to end their relationship after 12 years of being together.

Brangelina has publicly announced that they are ending their marriage in September 2016. Their divorce may be due to Brad’s less commitment to raising their family because of his struggles with alcohol. After the announcement, the actress has been seeking for sole custody of their children. She also rented a home and eventually transferred to a $25 million mansion in Los Feliz, California with their kids.

Brad and Angelina divorce on hold?

According to Daily Mail, Angelina previously claimed that she would consider taking his husband back. However, he must deal with his alcoholism, amend his parenting skills, and show commitment to raising a family.

A report published in Us Weekly reveals that several sources have claimed that the Hollywood power couple has not moved forward with the proceedings of their divorce.

Moreover, the friends of the couple also revealed that Pitt and Jolie had not done anything in the past several months. They may not even plan to do anything to end their marriage.

Daily Mail also revealed that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting along lately for the sake of their six children. The insider added that Brad has been doing his best to win her wife again through getting sober and quitting drinking, which is all that she ever wanted.

From alcoholic drinks, Brad has now turned to English breakfast tea, cranberry juice, and carbonated water.

The actor has submitted himself to a therapy and a weekly legal counsel. Moreover, he also turned to art and making sculptures for healing at an LA studio. It is important to note that he did not touch a single alcohol during the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, southwest England, in June.

With this, Brad has indeed improved a lot.

With the efforts shown by the Hollywood actor, their fans all over the world are hoping that Brangelina will get back together again. “It wouldn’t be surprising if they announced that they’re calling the split off and trying to work things out,” said the insider.