After Daniel Craig surprised movie goers by confirming that he will be doing another James Bond film, it is time to take a look at the directors that have been considered for the role so far. Sam Mendes will not be returning, so this an opportunity to get a fresh take on the series, following the somewhat tired "Spectre".

Instead of just throwing out a few names from a wishlist, like Christopher Nolan or John Woo, let's consider the upcoming three directors who have all been reported to be in consideration for the role.

Denis Villeneuve could be directing James Bond 25

The French Canadian Director has amassed an incredible resume and also has a fantastic action thriller under his name in "Sicario". With "Blade Runner 2049" currently in post-production, James Bond 25 could realistically be his next project.

The main issue arises from the fact that Villeneuve has already been linked to direct "Dune", which means that James Bond would just not be possible at the moment. It is possible to be attached to more than one project at a time, but considering what a massive commitment both of these movies would be, we're kind of hoping he focuses on only one.

Is David Mackenzie the next director for James Bond?

It is not surprising that Mackenzie is getting linked to quite a few big upcoming projects, as "Hell or High Water" was a fantastic movie that gained a considerable amount of recognition over the last year.

It was hardly his first great film as well, as 2013's "Starred Up" and 2011's "Perfect Sense" also received quite a bit of praise upon release.

Admittedly, his filmography does lack a proper action movie that would confirm that he can handle the high octane thrills required in a James Bond project. This does not mean he cannot pull it off, but just that he lacks a "Sicario".

Could Yann Demange be the right fit for James Bond?

From the three rumored directors, Yann Demange is probably the one that people do not recognize. The French director has only one feature underneath his belt, with his second movie, "White Boy Rick", scheduled for release in 2018.

Therefore, Demange is the riskiest option from the three.

Yet, his one feature, 2014's "'71", sits at a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and is arguably the movies released by any of the three directors. It combines high octane action with a gripping war drama and even allowed Demange to snatch up the Best Director award at the British Independent Film Awards.

All three directors would bring something new and exciting to James Bond 25. We will just have to wait and see who gets the nod.