There is big news out for fans of TLC's “The Little Couple.” Not only are Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey finally returning to reality television with new episodes, but they have some big family news to share too. What's the scoop?

When does 'The Little Couple' return to TLC?

Fans have been waiting for months to hear news regarding a return date for “The Little Couple.” Deadline notes that the show's absence from TLC has been tied to a lawsuit between the network and the production company, and Jen and Bill recently got involved by filing papers of their own. However, it looks like the situation has finally been resolved and the show is ready to begin airing again soon.

According to People, new episodes of “The Little Couple” will premiere on September 19. Not only will everybody get to see how Will and Zoey are doing these days, they will get to see a big transition that the family recently went through. Viewers will learn about Jen and Bill's decision to move from Houston, Texas to St. Petersburg, Florida.

Arnold, Klein, and the kids have made a big move

As many “The Little Couple” viewers know, the family has ties to Florida and has visited frequently in the past. Now, however, they have decided to fully relocate and call Florida home. Jen has been sharing a lot of photos via social media showing the kids enjoying the St. Petersburg area, but they are just now sharing that this is more than a summer vacation.

Arnold has left her position at Texas Children's Hospital as medical director of the Simulation Center and accepted a new position at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital. What does this mean for Klein's pet boutique and grooming shop Rocky & Maggie's in Houston? It looks like the shop is carrying on, but obviously without Bill there in person day-to-day.

Bill had recently teased that the family had exciting things in the works, and social media followers immediately assumed that the news would be related to the TLC series. Despite the legal battle, there had been some filming taking place, but nobody knew that a move across the country was happening too.

The move puts them close to extended family

Many will remember that Arnold was born in Florida, and while her parents lived in Texas for a while to help them, they recently moved back to Florida.

So, the "Little Couple" family's move to St. Petersburg will be a great chance for Will and Zoey to live near their grandparents once again.

The wait for new episodes has been a long one, but now everybody can count down to an actual premiere date. Dr. Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, Will and Zoey return to TLC with updates on their lives on September 19, and it sounds as if they have plenty of fun-filled adventures to share.

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