Taylor Swift is known for holding Independence Day bash every Fourth of July at her multi-million beachfront Rhode Island estate. She has been doing it for over three years with the girl squad including Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss and other celebrities. However, it seems like no party was held this year!

Photographers and fans roaming around her property were disappointed after seeing that Swift’s place was all silent over the holiday. According to E! News, Tay and her squad went to Paris and attended the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. In result, no stars in red, white and blue swimwear and American flag cake have been spotted.

Taylor Swift’s Mom and Dad at her crib on July 4th

While Swift’s place became a celebrity ghost town last Independence day, the “Shake it off” singer’s parents were spotted in town. Daily Mail reported that elites of the music industry were seen hanging out on Swift’s property as well. The Pop star’s father, Scott, is a part owner of her label called Big Machine Records.

He was reported with the heavy hitters: Jimmy Iovine and Marc Geiger, known as Apple and WME executives, respectively. It remains a question what Taylor Swift’s plans for her career recently but she sure is staying low key. It can be recalled that she previously brought her exes, including Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston at her Rhode Island estate in the past.

Is the Pop star escaping from the public eye?

Swift has been out of the public eye these past few months, and it seems like she wanted the year 2017 to remain that way. On social media, she is not also sharing fancy pictures and even PDA moments with her alleged boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Well, the only hope of seeing them during the Independence Day bash was all crushed.

According to a source, "Taylor has been doing her own thing and has not been in any exclusive relationship for some time since her last boyfriend.” The said source adds that she has been working on her new album and is spending quality time with family and friends. While everybody assumes Alwyn as her new man, the source shared they have not even started dating yet.

Furthermore, Taylor Swift was under fire on social media during the last relationship, and she is reportedly making sure that it won’t happen again. Now, the controversial artist works closely with her security team to keep her life private. Stay tuned on Blasting News Swifties for more updates!

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