It has been known that the second installment of "Stranger Things" would premiere close to Halloween. It has recently come to light that the fandom will have four days to relive the first season, which is nothing short of uplifting news.

This also implies that everyone who loves "Stranger Things" can gladly be in their fullest Halloween spirits by Trick or treating. However, we need to concede, if the sky appears as though it does in the poster released just a couple of hours ago by Netflix pertaining to the second season while we are out tricking and treating, we would much rather backpedal to the safety of our secret bunker.

Breathing Intensifies

At 7:00 pm today, "Stranger Things" made a massive announcement on Twitter with respect to their eagerly awaited second season. “Some Doors can’t be closed”, said their post on Twitter, which also held a little teaser trailer for the much awaited upcoming season.

The poster, like we mentioned earlier has magnificently added to the hype and is by far the most incredible piece of show marketing by Netflix. The massive creature from the upside down, covered in dramatic fog as it presents itself looming over the skies of Hawkins is a sight to behold. Netflix will be fulfilling our wishes by releasing "Stranger Things 2" on the 27th of October this year, contrary to their Super Bowl trailer from February which claimed the show would return on Halloween.

The tweet went on to garner over 44,000 likes and over 32,500 retweets in a matter of minutes.

The brand new trailer gives us a glimpse of early Hawkins dating back to 1984. The residents of Hawkins, Indiana seem to still be coping with the aftermath of what lurked within the depths of Hawkins lab, and the horrid wrath of Demogorgon. Although it may seem that much has been solved within the realm of upside down, what is once visited cannot be shut off and forgotten, and there is way more where that came from.

Stranger Things heads to the awards

The first installment of the show written by the “Duffer Brothers”, Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer turned into an overnight hit for Netflix the previous summer. The arrangement spins around the occupants of a residential community who ponder strange strengths released by a cryptic government lab in their middle. The show is selected to be a contender at the current year's Emmy Awards when the assignments are declared this Thursday.

What’s in store for the fandom will only be revealed in October. While we wait, we’re eager to see more spectacular posters and jaw-dropping teasers from the team of Stranger Things. Goosebumps everywhere.

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