With seven months to go before "Stranger Things" season 2 debuts on Netflix, viewers are highly anticipating what's to come in the sophomore season of the 2016 TV breakthrough. While most of us regular folks are impatiently waiting for Halloween for the return of our new favorite series, some lucky souls have already seen Episode 1 of the Duffer brothers-created series.

Season 2 is 'fantastic'

According to NME via Digital Spy, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos is just one of the few lucky people who have seen Episode 1 of "Stranger Things" season 2.

Sarandos and Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings were on hand during the "See What’s Next" event in Berlin, where they shared that they have seen the much anticipated show's season premiere.

"It’s fantastic," Sarandos admitted. "It delivers on everything that every fan wants."

"We have a sense that it’s going to be really big," Hastings shared. "The reaction in Netflix internally is building. And when it comes out, it's so exciting to see it just catching on everywhere in the world."

New additions to the cast

While there are a lot of unresolved issues from the first season that need to be addressed in "Stranger Things," the show will also welcome the addition of Sean Astin ("The Lord of the Rings") to the cast.

Sorry, Joyce-Jim shippers, but Astin will play Joyce's high school classmate and new boyfriend, quashing theories that Joyce Byers and Chief Jim Hopper may end up together.

The show will also feature Paul Reiser ("Mad About You") as Owens, a Department of Energy executive who is in charge of keeping the strange events of Season 1 under wraps.

Two more strange newcomers are Linnea Berthelsen, who will be drawn to Hawkins due to the events that took place during Season 1, as well as Brett Gelman ("Eagleheart," "Go On," "Another Period"), who plays a former journalist turned conspiracy theorist.

Burning questions

One of the main questions that "Stranger Things" is set to answer is, "What happened to Eleven?" Last year's season finale implied that she made it out of her battle with the Demogorgon alive, but knowing that the show picks up a year later, what exactly has become of Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven and where has she been hiding all this time?

Moreover, can Mike and Nancy deal with their PTSD in a healthy way? Why does Mike cough up slugs? What is the relationship between the Hawkins Lab authorities and Chief Jim Hopper? All these and more burning questions are to be answered when "Stranger Things" season 2 debuts on October 31.