"Riverdale" is back on television for their second season. The cast and producers appeared at San Diego Comic-con last Saturday and released the first trailer for the show. The cast also shared some exciting revelations and hints on what will happen in the next season. Like the Comic-con of the first season, KJ Apa once again took center stage. A teaser was shown where in KJ Apa’s character is dragging his father soaked with blood to the hospital. According to the News Hub, the second season of Riverdale teases a darker show.

More earthly dangers

If you thought that the mystery of the murder of Jason Blossom in season 1 was dark and creepy, the next season promises to give scarier and spine-chilling level of darkness. In the first episode, Fred's fate will be revealed. The director of the show Rob Seidenglanz promises that by the end of the episode we'll all know whether Fred is going to live or die. "It is all happening in the next season. With Fred being shot, I can not say if he's alive or not. All I can say is that it is going to affect Archie so much," KJ Apa said. Apa also shared that his role this time is going to be challenging, "you will see different Archie this time, the flip side of his character."

On the other side, Chery Blossom will be a changed person in the next season.

Madelaine Petsch who plays the role of Chery Blossom explained that "After her brother had died, Chery Blossom's character became meaner and colder. She thinks that by doing so, she'll feel protected and safe." With Cherry's scene in the last part of the trailer, everyone is curious what the scene tells about.

What to expect in the next season

With “Riverdale’s” next phase, the additional character was also introduced. Vanessa Morgan will appear in the next season playing the role of Toni Topaz. Toni is a new student at Riverdale High School and a member of the Serpents. The character of Toni will be closed to Jughead. When asked whether Toni would be a threat to Betty and Jughead, producers said that the character is going to be a bisexual, like she is in the comic book, “so I guess it will be a lot of trouble to everyone,” the producer said.

Hiram Lodge’s character will finally appear in the show which will be played by Mark Consuelo. Hiram’s appearance in the Riverdale will cause significant changes for his daughter Veronica Lodge in Riverdale. Everyone is excited on how will Veronica's character adapt to Hiram's appearance.

"Riverdale" season two is scheduled to premiere this October 2 on CW.