Kansas makeup contestant Gypsy Freeman said she should have won Kat Von D competition if not because of her Instagram post supporting President Donald Trump's presidential candidacy. Freeman who lives currently in Florida was declared the winner of a contest sponsored by Von D, in which the participants had to post the picture of the model in the Instagram as a promotion for a new line of the company with "Saint plus Sinner" theme.

The prize has gone for good

According to CTV News, a screen shot of the conversation between Freeman and Kat Von D was posted, wherein Von D is telling Freeman that she is disqualified for voting Trump on the last presidential election.

"I have drawn a personal barrier between myself and anyone who supports Donald Trump," Von D said.

Freeman and her photographer Jenn Bischoff were supposed to receive their prize package worth at least $2,000 at Kat Von D launch party. With Freeman's complaint, Von D responded saying that her launch party is celebrating many things that Donald Trump is against with: "Personally, I cannot let anyone who would support an anti-immigrant, anti-feminist, anti-climate change and anti-feminist fascist as Trump."

Freeman recently wrote back to the statement released by Von D. She said she totally understand if Von D won't allow her to come to the party. "We would really want to be there, absolutely, but I sincerely accept your decision to replace us with someone who supports your candidate," she said.

The contest was taken down by Von D

Von D said in an interview that supporting her failed candidate Hillary Clinton was not the main problem. She emphasized that she cannot let herself be associated with people who have the same thinking with Trump. "It is impossible for me to become friends with anyone who support a man who is against with everything I fight for," she explained.

"I would feel the same feeling towards people whose side is with Hitler or any other fascist," Von D added.

After everything that has happened, Freeman said that she totally understood Von D's decision. She said that she respected her right on how she will handle her contest. "Part of being in this country is having freedom of speech," However, Freeman still expressed her disappointments in Tampa Bay Times, saying that it still not right though to be removed from being the winner just because of who she voted for. "It is definitely called bigotry what they have done to me, a huge case of hypocrisy," she said.