When the news broke that Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington passed away on July 20, everyone was in a state of shock and heartbreak including the band’s massive fan base around the world. The late singer was confirmed dead by hanging according to the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office. He was found by his housekeeper in his bedroom in their home in Palos Verdes Estates, California at 9 AM with a half-full bottle of alcohol at the scene. His death was a kick in the teeth for everyone and his band is certainly heartbroken. Today, the band released its first statement since the singer’s passing.

LP’s letter to Chester

The letter was addressed directly to the Linkin Park vocalist. The band said that the family is grieving but still in denial as to what happened to him and reiterated that the “demons” took him away from everyone. “You touched so many lives, maybe even more than you realized. In the past few days, we’ve seen an outpouring of love and support, both public and private, from around the world,” part of the letter reads. “Talinda and the family appreciate it, and want the world to know that you were the best husband, son, and father; the family will never be whole without you.”

Linkin Park band members went on say that they still don’t know their future without Bennington but they know that he is one of the major reasons why their lives were made better.

The band also said that the late singer had the biggest heart and his absence has left a hole, which can never be filled. They also thanked the late singer for his contributions and generosity, bringing them together and teaching them to be more human. Nonetheless, he was such a huge part of the band’s success and it’s obvious that it’s going to be different without him around.

Another fall in the music industry

Apart from Linkin Park, Chester Bennington also formed a band, Dead by Sunrise in 2005 with its debut album “Out of Ashes” released in October 2009. The singer-songwriter gained international recognition as LP’s frontman and the band’s debut album “Hybrid Theory” in 2000 became a commercial success.

In 2005, it was certified by the Recording Industry Association of America as Diamond, which made it as the decade’s best-selling debut album. American music magazine Hit Parader ranked the late singer in the Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists. He had also starred in several TV ads and played some roles films such as “Saw 3D,” “Crank” and “Crank: High Voltage.”

Chester Bennington will always be a huge part of the success of Linkin Park throughout the years. Here’s to the man himself. Your music lives on.

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