A Tidal wave of controversy has rocked the business relationship between rappers Kanye West and Jay-Z. West, the husband of reality star Kim Kardashian, severed business ties with Tidal, the subscription-based music streaming service of Jay-Z, co-owned by West.

West left Tidal, which allegedly owes him more than $3 million. The $3 million is supposed to be a bonus for the boost in Tidal’s profile after he released his “The Life of Pablo” album exclusively on the music streaming service in 2016. It picked up 1.5 million new subscribers because of the album, The New York Daily News reported Kanye claimed.

Music videos reimbursement

Another bone of contention between the two former business partners is Tidal was supposed to reimburse Kanye for music videos. According to TMZ, West never made the music videos. The rapper and fashion designer, however, said he would make the music videos if Tidal will first pay him. Following the money dispute, the lawyer of West sent Tidal a letter to tell the music streaming service it had breached the contract, which West insisted, is now terminated.

Tidal said the exclusive contract with Kanye remains. If the rapper goes to another music streaming service, Tidal will file a lawsuit against West. Besides Kanye, other co-owners of Tidal, an artist-owned alternative to music streaming, are Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Usher, and Nicki Minaj.

Jay-Z launched Tidal in 2015, but even prior to its launch, the two had collaborated in 2011 for the album “Watch the Throne.” The album was certified platinum and spawned several singles such as “Ni**as in Paris.”

Pesky fly

Hollywood Life, however, reported that Jay-Z would rather ignore West and attend to more important things such as raising his family and writing music.

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Beyonce, the wife of Jay-Z, just gave birth to twins – Rumi and Sir Carter – whose names the couple trademarked last week. Tidal also streamed online his new album “4:44” which includes West, Kendrick Lamar, Swizz Beatz, Beyonce, Andre 3000, Chance The Rapper, Future, and Travis Scott.

The entertainment website quoted a source close to Jay-Z who said the Tidal owner’s attention is in his role as father to the twins and Blue Ivy, as husband to Beyonce, and seeing his new album flourish. Jay-Z reportedly considers Kanye West like a pesky fly that lands into his food. Jay-Z was quoted as saying that the problem at Tidal with West will be sorted by his lawyers.