Jigsaw” is back, and the intriguing and nightmarish franchise is here to make sure your lights are turned on at night. The eighth installment of the American horror Movie Franchise recently dropped its first creepy poster courtesy of Tobin Bell on Twitter.

Remember the horrifying pig mask that’s lurking in the dark waiting to kidnap its victims? Actor Tobin Bell, who will reprise his role as Jigsaw for the eighth installment of Lionsgate's hugely successful franchise, shared the upcoming movie’s poster on Twitter. He captioned it: “We all have masks…leave yours at the door this Halloween."

Movie plot

Details regarding the plot of the upcoming series installment are scarce as of this writing.

The official rundown for “Jigsaw” only details that the movie will be set 10 years after the death of Jon Kramer.

According to the movie plot, bodies will start to pile up around the city, each having a unique but gruesome death. Evidence points to John Kramer based on the police investigation. However, Kramer has long been dead. Thus, could there be a copycat or an apprentice?

The filmmakers may have found a way to bring back or include Jon Kramer in the upcoming movie installment since his character died in the series’ third installment.

Movie directors and cast

Directing “Jigsaw” are Peter Spierig and Michael Spierig, the brothers behind “Daybreakers” and “Predestination.” Meanwhile, Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger (“Sorority Row”) penned the script for the upcoming movie.

And the eighth installment is executively produced by “Saw” series creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell.

Set to star in “Jigsaw” is Laura Vandervoort. You might remember her as Kara Zor-El in “Smallville” and Lisa in “V.” Joining Vandervoort in the upcoming American horror film is Hannah Anderson, who starred in the 2017 film “Love of My Life” and “Shoot the Messenger.”

The first “Saw” movie was released in 2004 grossing over $103 million against a $1.3 million budget.

It became the most profitable horror movie following the 1996 “Scream” at the time. This was followed by a $31.7 million opening for “Saw II.” Overall, the series has a total of more than $870 million, proving to be Lionsgate’s hugely successful movie franchise.

Jigsaw” will hit movie theaters this October 27, 2017, and 2018 will see its international release. Since the movie’s poster is out, it wouldn’t be long now until the trailer drops. So stay tuned for more updates on one of the most horrifying franchises of all time.