Javi Marroquin is currently keeping a low profile as his ex-wife is getting ready to give birth to her third child. Many expected that the “Teen Mom 2” star was pregnant by her ex-husband Javi when she announced her pregnancy back in February.

At the time, fans were seeing how the divorce was playing out and things were not exactly peaceful between them. But for some reason, fans thought that they had worked things out and that they were now civil and peaceful with one another.

Because of Kailyn Lowry’s past history in regards to hooking up with ex-boyfriends, some people thought that Javi may be the father of her child.

He had explained several times that he was ready to have another baby before their marriage crumbled.

Is he heartbroken over his ex-wife's pregnancy?

These days, Javi Marroquin is watching everything from the sidelines. He knows that Kailyn is about to give birth and one can imagine that he's been following along since they still share custody of their son Lincoln. He probably has to pick up Lincoln at her home once every week or every other week, so he's been seeing her growing baby bump all along.

One can imagine it's tough for him as he wished that he was the one getting ready to become a dad again. But on Twitter, he sent out a different message recently, which could have something to do with his ex-wife Lowry.

He simply revealed that good things happen to those who wait, hinting that something good will happen to him because he is now waiting on having another baby.

Of course, his tweet could mean just about anything. He could be quoting a song, he could be saying this simply as a statement, or it could be in relation to his ex-wife’s situation.

But it sounds like he does have a point he wants to make.

Many people have expressed interest in dating Javi, giving him exactly what he wants, which is more children. He is now working a stable job and he is staying fit by doing CrossFit once in a while with his friends. However, he has revealed that he wants another baby now that Lincoln is getting older.

One can imagine that he wants a sibling for his son.

Kailyn has kept her own drama private

As for Lowry, she is getting ready to give birth any day now. She just had her two babymoons and she shared pictures from them on social media. She's also revealed that she will be doing this pregnancy all by herself because Chris Lopez has no interest in being in the child's life.

She may have gotten pregnant by accident or she may have planned the pregnancy without Chris's knowledge. It's also possible that he offered up his sperm so she could become pregnant with her last child. The doctor said that she needed to get pregnant sooner rather than later. Kailyn hasn't revealed anything about the pregnancy to her “Teen Mom” fans and it's possible that Javi Marroquin knows absolutely nothing about what's going on in her life since they're no longer together.

It's possible that Marroquin will return to the new season of “Teen Mom 2,” which airs this month on MTV. Even though he is now fully divorced from Kailyn, fans still want to know what he's doing and how he's doing after the divorce. MTV may have invited him back to film a couple of episodes as they have done with other ex-boyfriends of the other “Teen Mom” stars.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin’s tweet that good things come to those who wait? Do you think he's referring to another relationship and possibly another baby?