Fox may no longer hold the rights to the "American Idol" reboot but the network hasn't thrown in the towel when it comes to singing competitions. Reports say Fox will challenge ABC, which will be bringing the popular series back, with a new singing show called "The Final Four."

Fox has teamed up with Armoza Formats, an Israeli production, for "The Final Four." This show's format is different from "American Idol" and other singing competitions as it will no longer show the audition rounds. Instead, the show will open with four of the best contestants already plucked from the selection process.

These contestants will have to battle it out in "The Final Four” week after week. A new challenger will attempt to steal one of the four slots as the artists will have to out-sing each other. But only one winner will be named during the show's finale.

Letting go of 'American Idol'

Reports further stated that Fox grappled to find a new singing show after it lost "American Idol" to ABC in May. The network executives initially thought they had a verbal agreement with FreemantleMedia in rebooting the series in a few more years.

Fox and FreemantleMedia were partners for 15 seasons of "American Idol." But the company decided to go with ABC and air a new season of the singing contest in 2018. Fox executives said the move was too soon as the show only bowed off the air in 2016.

Problems with 'American Idol' reboot

ABC, however, is said to be having problems putting the show together. After Katy Perry agreed to sit as judge for $25 million, the network couldn't bargain with Ryan Seacrest as host. He reportedly wants to receive equal pay as Katy Perry since he's the more familiar face of the show.

ABC has also yet to announce the other names who will sit on the judges' panel.

Simon Cowell said he's not going to be part of the reboot because he's doing "America's Got Talent." Paula Abdul, on the other hand, said she's willing to return as a mentor and not a judge on "American Idol." ABC also considered Randy Jackson as host but he said he's only doing it if Ryan Seacrest joins him.

ABC plans to air "American Idol" by spring next year and auditions should kick off this summer.

Fox, on the other hand, will likely air "The Final Four" around the same time as well.

Meanwhile, spring 2018 will also have "The Voice" on NBC. Curiously, this new season will feature an "American Idol" alum as Kelly Clarkson will be judging the show for the very first time. This was the reason why the music artist begged off when ABC asked her to board the reboot as she will be in the competition series.