channing tatum is in demand in Hollywood. Reports state that the actor is being eyed to play an iconic role as the new Van Helsing for Universal Studio's Dark Universe. But will he have time to do this if he's also going to work on "Gambit" for 20th Century Fox?

In the Dark Universe

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the script for the Van Helsing reboot is being reworked with Channing Tatum in mind. Though the actor has not yet confirmed if he'll take the role, Universal apparently wants the "Magic Mike" star to become part of the franchise it is building.

The Dark Universe already secured Tom Cruise for "The Mummy" reboot. Aside from Tatum, the studio is also looking to make a deal with Johnny Depp as the Invisible Man, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Wolf Man and Angelina Jolie for a potential "Bride of Frankenstein" remake.

Details of the Van Helsing project, however, remain limited but Universal reportedly tapped "Arrival" scribe Eric Heisserer to co-write the script with "Passenger" writer Jon Spaihts. Heisserer told Collider that their idea for the reboot will be a "modern-day reimagining" and that the character will be relatable as an “everyday superhero” as opposed to being a vampire hunter from a different period.

As an 'X-Men' character

But Channing Tatum has long been attached to another franchise.

Fox announced during the 2015 Comic Con panel that he was joining the 'X-Men' and that there will be an upcoming solo movie for his character in “Gambit.”

Yet production for "Gambit" has been marred with some setbacks two years later. Either the film could not keep a director on board or the script had to be reworked. At one point, "Gambit" fans thought the movie would have to be shelved because of the delay.

Recently, however, Channing Tatum told The Playlist that the “Gambit” movie is not yet dead. In fact, the actor believes that the delay has been a blessing in disguise as it allowed more room for the film to develop creatively.

But the actor didn’t clarify whether a confirmed production date has been set for this 'X-Men' movie.

As before, “Gambit’s” fate remains in limbo, which means Channing Tatum could be free to take up Van Helsing.

As a professional, Channing Tatum can likely do both highly-coveted iconic roles. But as franchises go, its development, production, and promotion could tie the actor to the movie for several years, so, he might need to pick just one franchise and stick with it.

Will he be better off in the Dark Universe or in the world of the X-Men?