As USA Today notes, the social media firestorm over the upcoming HBO series “Confederate” is burning unabated. The series is set in a world where the Confederates won the Civil War and slavery still exists. HBO will probably proceed with the show despite the controversy, but in case it does not, here follow some Alternate History show ideas, based on published books.

‘Southern Victory’ by Harry Turtledove

This book series also depicts a Confederate world, with alternate versions of World War I and World War Ii. The difference in the scenario and the “Confederate” one is that slavery has been abolished, partly due to pressure brought to bear by the South allies Britain and France and partly because the system makes no economic sense.

“Hesperian Trilogy’ by Alan Smale

Set in a world where the Roman Empire never fell, this series depicts a conflict between Roman legions and Native Americans in what we know as North America. Later, both sides have to join forces against invading Mongols.

‘For Want of a Nail’ by Robert Sobel

The British win the Battle of Saratoga and then the American Revolution. The novel is set in a world where the 13 colonies remain in British hands. The story concentrates on political developments in North American through the 20th Century in the alternate universe.

‘Operation Otherworld’ by Poul Anderson

A series of two books is set in a world where magic exists, depicting an Alternate World War II, but against the Saracen Caliphate instead of Nazi Germany.

Later the alternate United States participates in a race to the moon using magic technology.

‘Tudor Legacy’ by Laura Anderson

Anne Boleyn bears Henry VIII a healthy son who later succeeds him as King of England. Then his sister Elizabeth, having married King Philip of Spain and born a daughter, assumes the throne and has to deal with various plots to overthrow her rule.

“Worldwar” by Harry Turtledove

A race of aliens invades Earth in the middle of World War II, causing the allies and the axis powers to combine forces to meet the new threat. Technology advances at a great pace as a result, with space travel becoming more common later in the 20th Century.

‘Ellender Morning’ by Jerry Yulsman

Hitler is murdered in 1913 Vienna, resulting in the world avoiding World War II.

However, Germany experiences a nationalist revival in the 1980s, causing a crisis to prevent a war that would almost certainly involve nuclear weapons.

‘Children of Apollo’ by Mark R. Whittington

President Richard Nixon decides to continue the Apollo program as a means of pressuring the Soviets to be more forthcoming in arms control agreements. Much of the trilogy takes places during the mission of Apollo 23 to the south pole of the moon.