Weeks after the action-adventure movie 'Wonder Woman' raked in profits at the global box-office, Israeli actress Gal Gadot continues to be the talk of the town. Her beauty and skills have taken center stage attention, and have left a huge impact on audiences of all ages, particularly females.

The statuesque actress has also generated a huge following on social media. It is one of her Instagram posts, though, which caught many women’s attention.

Wonder Woman makes time for family

She wrote about experiencing a sleepless night with her young kids, citing “colic 3 months old baby and an early wake up by my 5-year-old.” She also wrote, “Went to the garden to get some fresh air with my coffee to help me wake up and now watching The Cat In The Hat with my daughter.” Next to the caption was a photo of herself sans makeup which she said was taken by her “other sleepy half.”

Underneath the tough exterior of the superheroine, Gadot portrays on the big screen is a loving, down-to-earth woman who enjoys simple joys like attending to her mommy duties and getting a whiff of fresh air in her garden.

The Instagram post elicited numerous reactions.

Wonder Woman reaps praises, criticisms

One called her a wonder mom. Another commented on her nose. Somebody noted that she just showed the “real wonder woman.”

Indeed, among today’s most admirable women are the hardworking working moms who strive to strike a balance between career and family. Many modern-day working women try to map out a career while basking in the Joys Of Motherhood or attending to their wife or mommy duties.

It just so happened that Hollywood’s current toast – Gal Gadot – is one of these remarkable women. She inspires and shows countless working moms from all corners of the world that a blissful home life need not be overshadowed by a flourishing career.

Gadot was first seen in the lackluster film “Batman Vs Superman” and is set to wow audiences anew in “Justice League” along with other formidable cast members. Movie buffs look forward to seeing her evolve from the naive and idealistic Diana in her solo vehicle to the “transformed” member of an ensemble cast of superheroes.

After all the dialogues about love, saving humankind, and fighting battles that got movie watchers thinking, audiences seem primed for a lot more action when Gadot joins other crime busters in her crossover movie. In the meantime, her throng of followers consisting of kids, men and women have also been closely following what she does when not donning her "Wonder Woman" costume.