Ian Somerhalder’s career was at its best when Nina Dobrev was still in his life. Fans love their chemistry. Their support spanned several seasons of the series until the “Let’s Be Cops” actress bid farewell to the show. After her exit, the ratings plummeted and the show was moved to a later time slot.

There were reports that surfaced during that time that Nikki Reed’s husband blamed Dobrev for the drop in the ratings. When he married the “Twilight” actress, fans that ship Dobrev and Somerhalder slowly lost interest in the show. “The Vampire Diaries” suddenly lost its magic until it was shelved.

Nina Dobrev's career is fourishing

Nina Dobrev, despite fans demand, did not return to the show except at the finale to give a closure to her character. After her departure from the show, film offers came that continued until now. She has three movies in the pipeline – “Flatliners," “Crashpad," and “Departures."

Ian Somerhalder’s acting career has gone awry as he has no upcoming projects lined up. Reports say that the couple is in a financial rut because only Nikki Reed is earning. She will soon take a break because of her pregnancy. Nina Dobrev is reportedly Somerhalder’s lucky charm because when they were working together, things looked promising.

The couple is keeping a united front. In fact, their Instagram accounts are filled with sweet messages for each other.

They love to share their romance on social media. However, their real situation seems to be a bit gloomy.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed beset with financial problems

Korea Portal reported that the couple is having money problems and the soon-to-be-dad is allegedly blaming Dobrev for their money woes. Besides, he allegedly regrets dropping his “The Vampire Diaries” co-star.

However, neither the actor nor his wife has shared about their problems. The above allegations should be taken with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, the 28-year-old actress was rumored to be dating fellow “TVD” star Paul Wesley in lieu of her rumored boyfriend Glen Powell. But the news linking her to “The Late Bloomer” actor was debunked per Mobi Picker.

Powell and Dobrev seem to have drifted apart because sightings of them together have been scarce. The actress is currently busy filming for “Departures” Early this year she was travelng for Reebok and Donna Karan New York ad campaigns.

The fans that remain steadfast for Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore are still hoping that a reunion show will happen for the two. If Ian Somerhalder’s career picks up by then, Nina Dobrev is indeed his lucky charm.