The video for Selena Gomez's new song 'Bad Liar' was dropped on her YouTube channel, "SelenaGomezVevo". The video was directed by Jesse Peretz and explains what the song is all about. The song, released in May 2017, has been a huge success and its catchy beat is sure to be aired on the radio all summer. Check it out right here:

The star plays four different characters in her music video

Selena takes on the role of four very different characters in the "Bad Liars" official music video. The star takes on the roles of a high school teen, her father, her mother, and gym teacher.

Each of these characters are connected in one way or another and it is clear to see why she takes on all of their roles. The make-up of these highly dramatized characters, especially the father, are a source of entertainment for the audience.

The video takes place in a high school reminiscent of the 1970's. The young high school teen has a crush on her gym teacher, who also is having an affair with the teen's father. Others in the school are seen to be whispering to one another as the affair blatantly takes place on campus. Just as the affair is obvious so is the teen's crush on her teacher. Everything about the "Bad Liars" video is true to the title. The characters are all terrible at keeping secrets, making them bad liars.

What does Selena have to say about "Bad Liars"?

Selena reveals that she has had "Bad Liar" under her belt for a long time. She teases fans that her next song will be different from "Bad Liars" as the singer has been exploring different styles of creation. Her new songs show the next stage of the Selena evolution. Fans and critics are raving about the bold new direction the artist is taking.

Selena has revealed that she wants to release music that is different to anything she has done before. She explained her vision of the music video to Power 96.5 FM stating that the song surrounds the feeling of the honeymoon phase when you are obsessed with your crush. She portrays this in a way, which also supports the LGBT+ community.

The "Bad Liars" video has already received some great reviews since its release hours ago.

The end of the "Bad Liars" video teases Selena Gomez's newest project "Fetish". There is already speculation that "Fetish" might be the name of her next single, or may, in fact, be the name of her newest album. Whatever the answer is, Selena has succeeded in giving her fans just what they need while teasing them with her next creation.