Over the past four years, the Korean silver and small screen have taken the international scene by storm. Pertaining to the former, numerous K-movies have fun success not just domestically but to a worldwide audience. Some examples include "Train to Busan" which re-imagined the zombie flick, "Flu" pushing the boundaries on what a pandamic film should be, and "The King" paralleling the state of South Korea's political climate. As for the latter, both "Descendants of the Sun" and "Goblin" were K-dramas that literally took the television world by storm even surpassing other countries' popular shows domestically.

Korean television and films have grown so much exponentially, companies are needing to subsidize just to handle the sudden workload. With that in mind, KeyEast has recently announced many of their actors, including Park Seo Joon and Goo Hara, will be transferred to their new subsidiary Content Y.

Content Y is created to better manage KeyEast's acting talent

According to KeyEast, their subsidiary Content Y will officially launch this coming month on July 1. It was previously announced back in April 17 by CEO Yang Geun Hwan in which at the time, they were recruiting professionals to join the company.

A representative source from KeyEast explained that Content Y is just the first of other forms of subsidiaries KeyEast will form.

They are part of a business strategy designed to ensure sustainability and growth of management business. They also said that by building subsidiaries, they can build closer bonds with their actors.

So far, ten actors from KeyEast will transfer into Content Y. The big names out of those ten include Park Seo Joon, Han Ji Hye, Hong Soo Hyun, Lee Hyun Woo, Goo Hara, and Lee Ji Hoon.

Subsidiary development will be a major benefit for the 58 actors signed to KeyEast

Right now, there are 58 known actors signed to KeyEast. That is a lot of actors to support and promote underneath one mantle. By splitting up the actors into subsidiaries, they can get more individual attention instead of having it spread thin across many under one label.

From the looks of it, the first subsidiary has the more popular Korean actors in it, especially Park Seo Joon. He is very popular for his K-dramas in the past including his two with Hwang Jung Eum, "Kill Me, Heal Me" and "She Was Pretty." However, he is more recently known for "Fight My Way" which is doing extremely well both domestically in South Korea and internationally. Ergo, most of the resources are being put on him presently which would in turn give less to the other 57 actors theoretically.

It is unknown if the ten actors from KeyEast are the only ones transferring to Content Y at this time. We do know that the subsidiary is now working hard to recruit other actors active in the acting industry as well as rookie actors before it launches this coming month.