Back in the 90s, South Korea first decided to initiate the expansion of Korean content and culture internationally known as Hallyu or the Korean Wave. K-pop acts like H.O.T. and Fin.K.L. and Korean actors like Jang Dong Gun and Choi Jin Shil helped pave the way for today's K-pop acts like Girls' Generation or BTS as well as today's Korean actors like Kim Jaejoong, Uee, and Park Seo Joon.

The pioneers of Hallyu were popular during a time when it was in its infancy. Ergo, many of them never experienced the international appeal today's Hallyu stars have.

Thankfully, some have been able to taste international success. Most of the time said newfound international success is through K-pop act revivals. Sechkies and S.E.S. come to mind. However, many find it through variety shows. Kim Jong Kook was a member of Turbo but he is better known as the main cast member of "Running Man." Moon Hee Joon was the leader of H.O.T. but is better known as the co-host for both "Immortal Songs 2" and "Singderella."

Now the latest first generation Hallyu star, Lee Hyori, has found major success. Her new variety show "Hyori's Homestay" has proven to be extremely popular after airing its pilot episode. It is so popular that OnDemandKorea (ODK) is quickly subtitling it in English for international fans.

What is "Hyori's Homestay" about and how well did it do?

"Hyori's Homestay" -- also known as "Hyori's Bed and Breakfast" -- is the newest variety show to air on the Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Corporation (JTBC). It stars former K-pop idol of the first generation K-pop girl group Fin.K.L Lee Hyori and her husband Lee Sang Soon.

The pilot episode showed the two of them along with K-pop idol IU planning to open a special homestay together.

Reportedly, the new variety show is a major hit as the viewership rating research company ATAM recorded an average of 11.14 percent viewership in the Seoul National Capital Area with a peak rating of 14.32 percent.

Take into account that these debut ratings are extremely good given the fact it is a brand new variety show that airs on a Korean cable (pay) network.

OnDemandKorea is quick to act in providing English subtitles for "Hyori's Homestay"

Though viewership ratings record what is popular domestically in South Korea, they do have an influence if video-on-demand streaming sites of Korean content will pick them up for international viewership. If a variety show isn't popular enough, most of the time fans can only watch it through clips on social streaming sites often with no subtitles.

Thankfully, OnDemandKorea wants to provide all Korean content to international fans and has picked up "Hyori's Homestay." They do manage their subtitling team as best as they can and can only subtitle certain episodes at a given time given the number of Korean shows and movies they have. They, however, realize just how popular "Hyori's Homestay" and are quickly subtitling the first episode.

"Hyori's Homestay" airs on Saturdays at 8:50 p.m. KST on JTBC. For those who don't have access to Korean networks, it is at the moment exclusive to OnDemandKorea.