The Korean drama “Goblin” has run its full course, but the lessons it imparted continue to reverberate in the hearts of viewers worldwide. While the dashing good looks of Gong Yoo will remain etched in the hearts of his swooning female fans, there was a whole lot more offered by the hit K-drama.

The K-drama's takeaway messages

Several nuggets of wisdom or life truths were depicted by the K-drama. Many viewers were saddened by the plot twists like the heartbreaking demise of the female protagonist, but there were more discerning ones who could not help but muse over the other takeaways.

Among these is that a higher being or deity that can play a hand in how circumstances in people’s lives unfold.

Being a fantasy television series that delved on the supernatural and reincarnation,”Goblin” created a stir not just for its perfect casting, but also because it highlighted how, amidst sorrows, God shines a light or stays with people.

Real-life lessons imparted

In most other instances, people can determine how incidents in their lives play out. They can make bad decisions and live with the repercussions, or be happy with how things turn out.

The main characters – who portrayed their roles so well -- also drove home one clear point: there are things in one’s earthly life that may not be controlled. Towards the end of the series, Ji Eun-tak, played by Kim Go-eun, uttered, “That the living have to live on. You’ll cry sometimes, but you have to laugh a lot and be strong—that’s how you honor the love you were given.”

Viewers related well not only with the love felt by the main characters but also with the angsts of the Grim Reaper.

GEun-tak’s words resonate with people who have experienced the sorrow of parting with their loved ones. While there were viewers who were simply thrilled and derived sheer joy just by watching the handsome actors in the comforts of home or through their hand-held devices, others went a step further with introspection.

Talented cast members

Lots of viewers of the K-drama identified with the lead actors and actresses who embarked on their respective journeys of self-discovery.

Unlike other Korean dramas with a complex plot, the innocent love story, the mix of light drama and humor, plus a dash of fantasy made “Goblin” such a relaxing treat.

In this fast-paced world when many of us are blazing through grueling days like a comet, the K-drama “Goblin” served as a welcome respite that allowed people to pause a while and do some serious rumination.

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