Julia Roberts will likely lead in her second season-length TV show. The actress is being reportedly eyed for "Homecoming," which "Mr. Robot" creator Sam Esmail will develop as a series for Universal Cable Productions (UPC).

"Homecoming" is based off a podcast show that first made its broadcast in November 2016. Gimlet Media developed the psychological thriller that featured the voices of Catherine Keener ("Captain Phillips"), Oscar Isaac ("Star Wars: The Force Awakens") and David Schwimmer ("Friends"). It features different phone calls and therapy sessions involving soldiers returning to life as civilians.

Since its launch, Hollywood studios both in film and on television unleashed a bidding war to turn the podcast into a full-blown production. Deadline reported it was UPC that snagged the rights and a deal with Gimlet Media was ironed out in December. Anonymous Content also got involved as producer and "Homecoming" will be shopped at TV networks soon.

Casting an A-lister

First, however, "Homecoming" should land an A-list actor before a network will be interested. If Julia Roberts agrees, she will play the part of the supervisor working in a secret government facility. In the podcast, Schwimmer voiced the role.

But Julia Roberts has a prior TV show commitment with HBO. The network recently announced the actress would star in a limited comedy series "Today Will Be Different," based off a book from "Arrested Development" writer Maria Semple.

Aside from starring in the series, the actress will also serve as the comedy's executive producer. It's still unclear when filming for this "Today Will Be Different" will begin. Sources say the actress' schedule won't come in conflict, should she also decide to board "Homecoming."

Her previous TV work

The Academy-award winning actress has done television before but these were mostly one-off and guest appearances.

In the 1990s, Julia Roberts guest starred on "Law & Order" and on "Friends" and she was in the 2014 TV movie "The Normal Heart." The actress earned an Emmy nomination for her portrayal of Dr. Emma Brookner in the HBO production. Watch her performance in the video below.

Reps from the actress declined to comment on her two high-profile TV projects.

She is one of the most recent A-lister to turn to agree to work on the small screen.

Previously, Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman were featured in the limited series "Big Little Lies" on HBO. The cable network is also developing a series with Meryl Streep called "The Nix." Meanwhile, Robert de Niro and Julianne Moore are venturing to television as well with still-untitled 16-episode David O'Russel Tv Drama.