Harry Styles is going through a lot these days. A Hollywood Life article stated that his stepfather, Robin Twist, reportedly passed away at the age of 49 on Tuesday. The singer and his family, however, have yet to provide further details about the unfortunate news. While mourning the death of a loved one, the One Direction member was faced with yet another challenge that involves his relationship with Tess Ward.

How romance started for Harry and Tess

The English singer-songwriter was linked to Tess Ward in May. Although she refused to confirm her relationship with Harry Styles, the 27-year-old chef and food blogger fired back at her detractors after receiving a surge of hate comments on social media since she was rumored to him.

"I'm not the kind of person who's interested in fame and if you're put in an environment which you don't understand and you can't control and you don't want, it's horrible," she told The Times, adding that she had to take a break from this "bizarre" experience by deleting some of her social media accounts. Tess Ward even asked her critics to "be kind" with their words.

But despite her denial and Harry Styles' silence, the London-based chef seemingly confirmed her romantic involvement with the singer when she stepped out wearing his red Gucci shirt at the Audi Polo Challenge. Not only that, several sources claimed that they spotted the two enjoying each other's company on multiple occasions.

What went wrong?

The Sun claimed that Tess Ward was the one who initiated the break-up after realizing that she is not over her ex-boyfriend.

It further stated that the renowned chef reportedly spent her weekend with the unnamed business tycoon. “Tess realized she still had feelings for her ex after splitting from him to date Harry and has apologized to him for her romance with the singer," a source told the outlet.

It added that the food blogger and her ex-lover have been "inseparable" since they met upon her arrival in London over the weekend.

The source also said that Tess Ward and Harry Styles have not seen each other for quite a while since both of them have been traveling.

Their rumored break-up came a day after the One Direction member reportedly lost his stepfather who has been supportive of Harry Styles' career. The singer's mother, Anne Cox, tied the knot with Robin Twist in 2013, where he served as their best man.

The "Sign of the Times" artist even gave an emotional speech during her mom's wedding.

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